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Scarletts Rat Essentials are the UKs leading supplier of products for small animals. With cheap toys for rats, huge savings on leading brands such as Trixie, Little Zoo Hamster Cages and Little Zoo Venturer Rat Degu Chinchilla Cages.

We stock a huge selection of specialist products which you won't find anywhere else in the UK. Our Chinchilla toys are different to those of other companies because we listen to our customers and we realise the importance of supplying products which vary. We are always bringing you a selection of new rat toys to stimulate those curious minds and our selection of hamster toys and hamster accessories is rapidly becoming the largest in the UK.

Here at Scarletts we want to keep your rats healthy, we stock a selection of products from the DrS brand of healthcare products for rats. This range also covers all other small animals such as vitamins for rabbits, supplements for guinea pigs, healthcare products for degu and chinchilla and calcium supplements for Gerbils, Ferrets etc.

We source many of our products from the UK but we also support companies across the world building relationships to support sustainable products and all our packaging is environmentally friendly and recycled where possible.

We stock the pet essentials such as hamster wheels, drinking bottles, water bottles for rabbits and other small animals, bowls, hay racks and animal bedding.

Our range of cleaning products from Tiny Friends Farm (TFF) and Johnsons Veterinary Products ensure your pets stay clean and help prevent deadly fly strikes along with common viruses and infections. Our F10 products are effective against Covid 19 keeping both people and pets safe.


Many of our small animal cages such as the Little Zoo Harriet and Little Zoo Henry cages are available in pink or blue while the Little Zoo venturer cage for rats and Chinchillas is available in coffee gold colour or antique grey.

Our high quality pet foods are all stored right here in our purpose built 10,000sqft temperature controlled warehouse. We stock leading brands such as Versele Laga Complete Rat and Mouse Food, Higgins Hamster and Gerbil Food, Tiny Friends Farm Gerty Guinea Pig Food and Science Selective Adult Rabbit Food to name just a few.

Our ever growing range of animal treats makes sure you can spoil your pets with our most popular treats being the Versele Laga Crock Treats suitable for all small animals. The Versele Laga Crock Herb treats are especially good for Degu who follow a stricter diet to that of other rodents.

Our own Syrian Hamster MacGregor is often featured on our social media pages where you will see first hand all our new products, our clearance items for small animals, cheap rat toys, special offer hamster accessories and new rabbit and guinea pig foods. We have our own YouTube channel where you can see videos of Mac and his crazy hair trying out our products and you`ll see our staff on Facebook giving you a first hand look at our products.

We stock lava ledges and platforms for rats and chinchillas along with a huge selection of rat hammocks which are also suitable for chinchillas and degu, rat tunnels for all small animals and hideys.

Foraging toys for rats, chinchillas and degu will keep your pets busy and trick toys mean you can spend hours interacting and bonding with your pet. We have chewable toys to keep teeth trim avoiding issues such as rabbit dental problems and overgrown nails which can result in expensive and stressful vets trips.

Sadly many people suffer from allergies, not only to pet hair but also dust allergies from bedding and hay. Our range of air purifiers will help meaning you can live happily and comfortably alongside your pets.

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