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Puzzle & Foraging Toys
Puzzle & Foraging Toys

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  1. Sneaker Shoe Rat Toy
        Soft cotton and rubber textured sneaker shoe, just like the real thing! Real laces for your animals to play... Learn More
  2. ShredIt Large Toy
        Tough acrylic outer casing with a roll if shreddable paper inside. Refil sold seperately. Suits larger pets who... Learn More
  3. Hol ee roller Foraging PetToy
        A ball full of hexagonal holes which you can fill with your pets favourite treats. Tough long lasting.... Learn More
  4. Buffet Ball Animal Foraging Toy
        The Buffet Ball may be the ultimate enrichment product available. The two halves simply twist apart, fill with... Learn More
  5. Buffet Ball With Cage Mount Foraging Toy
        The Buffet Ball is a cage mounted foraging device. A 3 inch, clear slotted ball made of heavy duty... Learn More
  6. Out of stock
    Coco Full Moon Large Natural Foraging Toy
        The Coco Full Moon is a full coconut with round drilled circles where your pet can forage inside for the hidden... Learn More
  7. Beaker Sneaker ForagingToy
        The laces have multicoloured wavy shaped ring beads attached which rattle as the pet plays. They also make for... Learn More
  8. Foraging Wall - Medium Hanging Foraging Toy
          With the two chunky plastic links this Foraging Wall Toy can easily and securely be hung from the side of... Learn More
  9. Buffet Ball With Bell Large Foraging Toy
         Made from polycarbonate it is light enough for small animals to use comfortably, yet durable enough for... Learn More
  10. Firework Foraging Toy Large
        Large wooden cylindar  toy with rope. Your pet can enjoy the toy as it is or why not fill with paper or treats... Learn More
  11. Puzzle Drawers Puzzle Foraging Toy
          Simple yet effective your bird must remove the wooden drawers to optain your hidden treat. You... Learn More
  12. New
    Magic Box Foraging Training Toy Small
    Acrylic foraging box. Hide treats inside and your pet must remove the pegs on top to retrieve the treat, then encourage... Learn More
  13. New
    Coco Forager Natural Animal Toy
    These natural coconut halves are great for hiding treats, add some crinkle paper so your pet can dig through and find... Learn More
  14. New
    Monkey Natural Forager
    A natural coconut carved to a fun monkey, great for chewing and hiding treats in the monkeys mouth 16 x 17cm or 30 x... Learn More
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