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Your rat's diet is very important, as is that of all small animals. Hamster food needs to be a healthy mix and Chinchilla diets are far more complex.

Scarletts treats for rats vary from human grade nuts as treats, to fruit mixes and branded treats from Johnsons Veterinary Products.

Higgins hamster food is a favourite with dwarf hamsters and Syrian Hamsters. Science selective rabbit food is specially formulated for pet rabbits and is stocked at Scarletts Rat Essentials.

Versele Laga Crock treats are our best selling treats for pets, the herb flavour is a great treat for Degu while the crock apple and other flavours are popular around rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils.

Versele laga treat sticks for rabbits come in different flavours, we stock them all so your pet won't get bored.

Critters Choice small animal treats are tasty affordable animal treats. The huge flower meadow ring is perfect for hamsters and guinea pigs to share along with the ever popular Timothy hay treats.

Johnsons veterinary product picnic bars and treats for hamsters, rabbits and rodents are delicious with herbs and flower petals, healthy treats for pets are found here at Scarletts.

Versele laga complete rat and mouse food is nutritionally complete as a rat diet. Small bags of cheap pet food are easy to store with next working day delivery.

Tiny Friends Farm pet food and animal treats suit most small animals. Reggie rat chippies and Gerty guinea pig food can be found in our shop by pet section showing you only items suited to your breed or pet.

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Banana chips, pumpkin seed and dried fruit are long lasting treats for small animals, when fed in moderation all the treats on our website offer some health benefits including our immunity booster foods for rats.

Treat sticks can be hung in hutches for rabbits or out in play pens and runs. Baked hay treats are excellent for preventing dental issues.

Trixie treats for pets like the Trixie hay bale and Trixie tunnels are trusted brands well known by pet owners and well loved by pets.

Check out our Youtube channel for all new food products for rats and chinchillas, subscribe to our newsletter to be first to find out about special offers on pet food and cheap food for pets. Share images and ideas on our facebook page with like minded pet owners.

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