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    Rip N Run Burrow
    Special Price £2.00 Regular Price £4.00
    Gnaw, Play, Hide and Sleep in our Rip N Run burrow. Suitable for small animals and all natural chewable fun. Use the... Learn More
  2. New
    Grassy Hanger Chew Toy
    Woven straw grassy pieces into this little person shaped toy. Suitable for rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, chinchilla... Learn More
  3. New
    Peek A Boo Small Animal Toy
    Small coconut climber with loofah top. Mice will love to hide inside! Size 26cm high x 13cm wide with a 9cm opening... Learn More
  4. Grassy Shoe Small Animal Toy
    Woven grassy shoe, a large toy rabbits, guinea pigs etc will enjoy chewing. Mice, rats etc will enjoy chewing and... Learn More
  5. New
    Grassy Mouse House
    Grassy house small animal toy for chewing, small animals such as mice will love to curl up inside Size 20cm high x... Learn More
  6. Coconut Den Natural Toy
    Small coconut den which larger animals such as rats enjoy chewing and smaller mice enjoy hiding inside. A great place... Learn More
  7. New
    Little Mouse House
    Mouse house, small natural coconut toy mice will love to climb inside and hide. Suitable for other small animals... Learn More
  8. New
    Large Grassy Hide
    Natural grassy material woven to make this fun chewable hide. Great for rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, degu etc with entry... Learn More
  9. In And Out House
    For animals who love to climb, or snuggle. An open doorway with round peep holes. Natural wood bed or play house. 36cm... Learn More
  10. New
    Saucer Wheel With Stand - Small
    This safe, durable, easy to clean hamter wheel gives your pet daily exercise. Comes with stand Measurements: 2.5 x... Learn More
  11. New
    Saucer Wheel With Stand - Large
    Strong, durable and easy to clean, our large exercise saucer comes with stand Measurements: 2.5 x 18 cm Saucer Size.... Learn More
  12. Rodent Wheel Small
    Rodent exercise wheel, small. Durable and easy to clean. Measurements: 12 x 18 cm Wheel Size 12 x 20 cm with Stand Learn More
  13. Sale
    Igloo Small Animal Hideout
    Special Price £1.90 Regular Price £2.00
    A small, easy to clean hideout for mice and hamsters. A cozy safe place for them to sleep or play. Size 15 x 15 x 9cm Learn More
  14. New
    Small Animal Tunnel
    A fun small animal tunnel which expands out to 70cm. Easy to clean and dry after use. Size 70cm x 20cm Learn More
  15. New
    Wooden Exercise Wheel Small - Hamster
    Keep that natural feel with the wooden exercise wheel. 17 x 5 x 15cm ONE SUPPLIED Learn More
  16. New
    Tubular Double Hay Nest
    A fun place to hide and play, oh, and of course cxhew! This double hay nest has lots of areas to climb up, out and... Learn More
  17. New
    Wooden Turret Hideout Medium
    This wooden turret hideout is great fun for mice and hamsters. They love to chew their way through it but peep through... Learn More
  18. Sale
    Hamster/Mouse Tunnel
    Special Price £1.00 Regular Price £2.00
    Hamster/Mouse tunnel. A great fun exercise space which is easy to wipe clean. You can slot them together to make larger... Learn More
  19. Plastic Seesaw
    A fun plastic, easy to clean seesaw tunnel. Encouranges exercise and is fun to play. Size 27cm Learn More
  20. New
    Bendy Sticks Medium Natural Tunnel
    A fun natural toy tunnel for climbing on top, sitting under and chewing. Great fun for rats, degu etc Size 27 x 17cm Learn More
  21. Little Friends Plastic Hamster House
    Little friends plastic hamster house 19 x 15 x 11cm Learn More
  22. New
    Savic Giant Play Tube Rat/Chinchilla
    Giant play tube for ferrets, chinchillas and rats. Made of high quality plastic. Ferrets, chinchillas and rats need... Learn More
  23. New
    Savic Orbital Silent Exercise Wheel Medium
    Revolutionary wheel recommended for mice, dwarf hamsters and hamsters. The exercise wheel with stand has a wide... Learn More
  24. New
    Savic Rolly Exercise Wheel Medium
    Give your pet the mental stimulation it needs with our Rolly exercise wheel. Fix the Rolly wheel to your cage. An... Learn More
  25. New
    Savic Rody Tunnel Guinea Pig/Rat House
    A fun, nice small animal house with 2 openings. Suitable for guinea pigs and rats. Easy to clean. Colours may... Learn More

We have in our warehouses a large selection of hamster wheels and tunnels for rats and small animals. Exercise wheels are important for Degu, Hamsters, Rats etc and we have the Classic saucer wheel for an open air exercise available in 2 sizes.

We have small animal tunnels clearance, these special offer hamster tubes are available in singles and clip together creating a tunnel as long as you want.

Small Igloo Hideouts are popular for hamsters and pet mice as they are plastic and easy to clean. We have a selection of Tiny Friends Farm cleaning products as well as Johnsons Veterinary cleaners to ensure your hamster tubes and rat tunnels stay fresh and free from odour.

Our Bendy sticks hideouts from the popular Classic Brand are a natural wood tunnel for small animals to hide in and climb over, these are great to chew so our low priced affordable products can easily be replaced.

Scarletts Rat Essentials has an increasing range of tunnels for rats arriving weekly, along with special offer small animal toys.

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Our Syrian Hamster loves the coconut style hideouts. The natural coconuts are drilled to have an entrance for your pet to go inside, he loves to fill his hamster coconut hideout with hay and stash his treats.

The large grassy hide for rabbits and guinea pigs is big enough for your rabbit to hop through and the natural grassy material is perfect for them to chew. Guinea pigs love grassy toys and don`t forget, if these cause you allergies like they do me, then check out our air purifiers.

Our wooden in and out house is a large wooden home for rats to play in, if you have several rats living together this is perfect as there are different entrances and they`ll love a game of peek a boo with you!

You can find our small animal tunnels and wheel videos on our Youtube channel and if you are unsure which one you need check out our shop by pet section where it narrows down the choice for you so you know exactly what tunnels are suitable for your pet rats etc.