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Scarletts has the widest and most unique selection of Rat toys across the UK. Our ever growing range of Chinchilla toys suitable also for Degu, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils and ferrets will keep your pet happy and stimulated.

Our range of chewable toys are good for rabbits and chinchillas with natural grassy materials and vine. Wicker balls for Rabbits are popular and Guinea Pigs just love our hay toys.

You can get the family involved with our toy making parts which are great to replenish old toys or create new toys for your pets. Hamsters love to chew, our hamster toys are cheap and affordable yet great quality.

Some pets love to climb, rabbit toys include bridges for rabbits and guinea pigs and our cargo nets for rats and chinchillas are very popular. Keeping your pet active ensures a longer, happier life.

You can kit out your new rat cage and animal cages with our range of wooden toys for pets or simply keep the natural look with our natural toy range for rats and other rodents.

Special offer rat toys and clearance rabbit and guinea pig toys are always in our pet toy sales and we have seasonal offers and festive Christmas toys to offer for your pets throughout the year.

Storage of toys for degu, chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits etc is very important, our large warehouses ensure all our toys are stored in dry conditions due to the fact that none of our toys are treated with any chemicals ensuring they are 100% safe chinchilla toys suited to all small animal types.

Our wooden rat toys are all made using water based colourants, this ensures your pets can safely enjoy all the products you purchase here at Scarletts. Chewing helps prevent dental issues which result in stressful and costly vets trips.

We have a large choice of plastic toys for pets and plastic balls for ferrets. Lots of small animals enjoy coconut houses and coconut toys for rats and hamsters are very popular so we are adding new choices of these toys all the time.

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Hammocks for rats and tunnels and houses for rats and chinchillas are very popular and important alongside your small animal toys. Scarletts Rat essentials has a unique selection of leading brand hammocks from Classic Pet along with other leading brand Adventure Bound.

For pets who chew they can go through toys very quickly so affordable pet toys are important. Java Wood (coffee tree) is especially good as we source this from Indonesia as part of the sustainable forestry scheme supporting farmers and caring for the environment re planning trees. Java Toys are oven baked for extra strength so make great chew toys for rats and chinchillas along with Degu and other animals.

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