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You may find you need lots of accessories for your rat cages and animal enclosure.

Scarletts Rat essentials has a massive selection of accessories for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, degu, chinchillas and gerbils.

Accessories for rats are available from leading brands such as Classic Pet, we have Nature First Small Animal Bedding, Litter trays for chinchillas, degu, rats and small animals. Small litter trays for hamsters are now available in our new selection of small animal accessories.

Hamster play pens are a great way to let your hamster out to play in the room or you can use a hamster ball from our hamster accessories section.

If you shop by pet you can find all your rat accessories in one category and the same applies for chinchilla accessories and other pet types.

We have small foraging accessories like the bungalow, where the roof opens up to hide treats for your hamsters and rats.

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If you want a seesaw we have plastic and wooden small animal seesaws.

Plain unprinted paper works as a cage liner from Scarlett's Essentials and handy small animal nail clippers are great guinea pig accessories which suit rabbits, guinea pigs and small pets.

Unlike other firms Scarletts offers you the highest quality and largest selection of pet accessories in the UK working with leading brands to develop new pet products. We welcome feedback from you, the customer, and would love you to share your pictures on our facebook pages.

Accessories for pets are needed frequently whether you are buying a new pet or just maintaining your pets grooming and daily health. Accessories for pet cages don't need to be expensive and we are always adding special offer accessories on to the special offer pages of our website.

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