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When it comes to giving your pets water you need to ensure you have a good quality water bottle where the dropper will not jam. Classic is a well known brand of small animal accessories that ensure the highest quality products. 

Our Colortone water bottles and drinker for rabbits and guinea pigs come in large sizes so you can make sure your pet is never without water and there is plenty to share if you have more than one in the enclosure.

If you need a water bottle for hamsters then we do a small 140ml bottle which fits your pets cage nicely, it is always good to have a spare; in case one gets damaged as providing your pets with fresh food and water daily is very important.

Food bowls and dishes should be provided for all pets, smaller dishes may tip over easily so you may want to invest in a larger dish for your rats and rodents. Our hamster has one of our clearance pet food bowls and loves to sit in the middle of his dish and eat his way through his food.

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Our hamster food and food for rats and degu will nicely fill your pets food dishes and when they finish you can easily clean a plastic bowl with F10 small animal cleaner or the popular lemon scented tiny friends farm disinfectant cleaner.

Cool Bowl feeders for chinchillas and rats lock into place with a plastic lug, these are a great food bowl for rats and pets who are more prone to knocking the bowl over as they run and climb around the cage.

Our buffet ball foragers are a great way to treat your pets. Encouraging your pets to work for their food and forage keeps them stimulated and mentally challenged. Open the plastic ball, fill with rat treats or hamster treats and watch them work out how to get them.

Brands such as Trixie are popular for pet products. Scarletts Rat Essentials has a selection of pet bowls available. Keep checking out our social media pages and facebook page for the latest special offers on hamster drinking bottles and pet bowls.

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