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When I was new to keeping rats and hamsters I didn’t understand just how important these platforms were! I have seen many Youtube videos of rats sitting on lava ledges and chewing them, now you can see our Youtube videos too!

Lava ledges with added minerals are great for rats, chinchillas, gerbils and small animals. They come in 2 sizes and are our best selling platform ledges.

We also have a selection of wooden shelves, the corner wooden shelf is even big enough for rabbits and guinea pigs. A ledge allows your pet somewhere to sit up off the floor which can be cold or damp. 

Round platforms are smaller and best suited to hamsters and smaller pets, we like to put treats up on the ledges.

You'll also find Java Multi Branches at Scarletts Rat Essentials. These are most popular with rats, chinchillas and Degu. They love the strong heat treated wood to chew and the smooth texture wipes clean easier than most other woods.

Platforms and shelves for rats come in wood, sanded materials and lava forms so there is something different to add to your rat cage or pets enclosure.

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If you have a pet with long nails the sanded surfaces keep them nice and trim and they love the feel of the different textures under their feet, this can help avoid sores.

If your pet loves to chew natural bark then the bark platform is a rounded natural platform for hamsters and small animals, even rats. They`ll love to run and climb and you can position them across different levels. As they chew them you can replace them as Scarletts Rat Essentials has low prices, cheap accessories and wheels for small pets so it won't cost you the earth.

Bamboo wood for rats and chinchillas is good to chew, our bamboo branches have natural root ends which are irresistible to chew and their chunky thickness is good for rabbit and guinea pig enclosures for them to sit on and hop over.

Scarletts has a unique selection of platforms for pets you won't find anywhere else in the UK, we don't just stock the boring standard pet toys, we think outside the box and offer you products which will enrich your pets lives.

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