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  1. Ball In A Ball Toy
        A fun plastic ball inside a larger plastic ball with a bell in the middle. A goodtoy for pets who like to play... Learn More
  2. Coloured Chain Pack 5 Toy Part
        Coloured chain for use in toy making or in cages. Coloured Chain (5 large 27cm lengths) Learn More
  3. Indestructabell Animal Bell
        The title speaks for itself with this toy. A bell encased in a tough polycarbonte case to stop your pets... Learn More
  4. Binky Ball Large Pet Ball Toy
        Push all the dummy shaped pacifier beads into the latex ball and then let your pet remove them all!! Pets love... Learn More
  5. Buffet Ball Animal Foraging Toy
        The Buffet Ball may be the ultimate enrichment product available. The two halves simply twist apart, fill with... Learn More
  6. Nuts Bolts And Binkys Large Plastic and Acrylic Toy
        A hanging large plastic whiffle ball filled with a combination of popular plastic nuts and bolts and plastic... Learn More
  7. Nuts Bolts And Binky Medium Acrylic and Plastic Toy
        A hanging plastic whiffle ball filled with a combination of popular plastic nuts and bolts and plastic dummy... Learn More
  8. Binky Ball Small Toy
        Delightful dummy shaped pacifier beads can be found packed in to the spaces left in this ball of knotted latex... Learn More
  9. Buffet Ball With Bell Large Foraging Toy
         Made from polycarbonate it is light enough for small animals to use comfortably, yet durable enough for... Learn More
  10. Holly Jolly Ball Stuffers Pack 3
    Holly Jolly Stuffer Balls Pack 3 Learn More
  11. Knots Of Love Medium Ball
        They`ll love the little knotted strips to unfasten with the wooden beads adding colour around a squishy... Learn More
  12. Trio Crazy Balls Toy
        Plastic balls on hanging plastic chain. Pets can bash and play with them, climb and hang and you can make them... Learn More
  13. New
    Birdy Ball Jingle Toy
        Thick plastic ball toy with bell inside. Size 3" (7.6cm) Learn More
  14. Binky Ball Ring Toy
        Pets love the feel of these binky dummies on their tongues. The binkies are all pushed inside a colourful ball... Learn More
  15. New
    Bagel Ball Ring Toy
        With plastic hanging chain and a ring full of chewable  bagels this chewable toy is great fun with the jingle... Learn More
  16. New
    Wing Nut Puzzle Pack 12
    Pack of 4 wing nut toys. Various colours.Pets love the texture and use their tongues to unfasten the wing nuts. Plastic Learn More
  17. New
    Whiffle Wobble Fun
    Top whiffle ball with hanging strands of colourful cotton fluffed. Size 25 x 5cm or actual toy 20 x 5cm Learn More
  18. Sale
    Coconut Ball
    Special Price £2.90 Regular Price £3.00
    Keep things natural, this coconut ball has opened sides so small animals can climb through while larger animals can... Learn More
  19. New
    Wriggling Whiffle Rope
    Whiffle balls are an old favourite that never fail to bring fun. With pull out pieces, fun hanging rope and cogs Size... Learn More
  20. Binky Spoons
    Plastic piping piece with acrylic binkies and hanging shiny spoons.  Size 22 x 9cm Learn More
  21. Sale
    TV Time Fun Hideout
    Special Price £2.00 Regular Price £4.00
    Fun little easy clean plastic tv hideout. Is your pet made for the big screen? Size 12cm Learn More
  22. Little Friends Plastic Hamster House
    Little friends plastic hamster house 19 x 15 x 11cm Learn More
  23. New
    Soccer Star
    A lightweight plastic ball which is easy to lift and move around for smaller pets. Great fun to play with your... Learn More
  24. New
    Ring My Bell
    Large bell on hanging chain with acrylic dummies and a plastic flower cog. Size 14cm chain with a 6 x 4cm bell Learn More
  25. New
    Roll It Toy Pack
    Made from plastic the toy pack contains one jingle ball and one rattle barrel. Not for destructive pets Size 4-5cm Learn More
  26. New
    Sputnik Small
    Ever popular and easy to clean sputnik. Made from wipe clean durable plastic. A great place to hide, sleep or... Learn More
  27. New
    Sputnik Large
    Ever popular and easy to clean sputnik. Made from wipe clean durable plastic. A great place to hide, sleep or... Learn More
  28. New
    Long Tunnel Runner
    Long fun tunnel your pet will love to run through. Easy to fold away. Size 100cm x 18cm Learn More
  29. New
    Pack 5 Plastic Whiffle Balls
    Pack of 5 colourful plastic whiffle balls. Colours chosen at random depending on stocks. Great to use to make your own... Learn More