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    Alphabet Dumbell Wood
    Wooden Dumbell for chewing. Approx 15cm a fun wooden toy with ABC Wood Blocks Learn More
  2. Ratty Wood Tumble
    Tumbling wood pieces designed special for your rat. Colourful and bright to chew. Approx 20cm Learn More
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    Mineral Slats Toy
    A great healthy toy for wearing down teeth. Lots of wooden slats with 2 large mineral stones. Chewing fun! Learn More
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    Loopy Beads Hamster, Rat Toy
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.00
    Central wooden piece with wound loops containing loofah pieces and beads. A great toy to climb around and chew 14 x... Learn More
  5. Loofah Biscuit Chew Toy
    Wooden biscuit with a loofah chew top. Great to climb on and chew.   Size 23cm x 7cm or actual toy 5 x 7cm Learn More
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    Log Swinger Climbing Toy
    Natural rope and wood log toy to chew, smaller animals may enjoy climbing and swinging on the wooden logs. 25 x 13cm Learn More
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    Diamond Climber Natural
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £8.00
    Natural chewable wooden diamonds which smaller animals may enjoy climbing on and sitting in. Learn More
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    Roll It Rat Toy
    Wooden barrel roller with wooden beads. You can push treats in if you wish. 7cm x 14cm or 21 x 14cm inc chain Learn More
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    Wood N Wicker Chew Toy
    Natural wicker vine balls strung with chewing wod chunks, fun toy for rats, rabbits, chinchillas etc 20 x 4cm Learn More
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    Java Wood Kabob
    Sustainably sourced and extremely strong the java wood kabob is a great toy for the big chewers! Size 16 x 8cm Learn More
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    Spinning Slats Toy
    Special Price £3.50 Regular Price £5.00
    Colourful woodem slats which turn as your pet chews them. A great value toy at 26 x 10cm Learn More
  12. Groovy Carousel Wood Toy
    A fun wooden carousel with a giant circle top piece. Hanging legs with pine discs, wooden slats and groovy blocks to... Learn More
  13. Groovy Discs Wooden Toy
    A large long hanging wooden toy with groovy blocks which encourage chewing, giant wooden discs and small plastic... Learn More
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    Wooden Seesaw Small Animal Toy
    A fun little natural wood seesaw for hamsters, mice and small animals. Size 22 x 8 x 7.5cm Learn More
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    Willow Stick Bundle
    Willow is well known for its healing properties. Our willow stick bundles make great chew toys for rabbits, guinea pigs... Learn More
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    Nibble Stick Wooden Chews Pack 12
    Pack of 12 wooden nibble sticks. Great for Hamsters, Mice, Degu, Chinchilla etc to chew and keep their teeth from over... Learn More
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    Bendy Sticks Medium Natural Tunnel
    A fun natural toy tunnel for climbing on top, sitting under and chewing. Great fun for rats, degu etc Size 27 x 17cm Learn More
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    Star Chew Toy
    A great chew toy, the circular barrel is perfect for chomping on with the wooden stars top and bottom and rope. Size... Learn More
  19. In And Out House
    For animals who love to climb, or snuggle. An open doorway with round peep holes. Natural wood bed or play house. 36cm... Learn More
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    Lets Dance Wicker & Wood
    A fun toy with chewable wicker balls, all on hanging leather with wooden pieces including round wooden diss which... Learn More
  21. Bits N Pieces Chewing Toy
    With natural rope to hold these pieces this toy is great fun for those who just love to chew. The different sized... Learn More
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    Double Discs Wooden Toy
    A fun and colourful wooden toy made with water based safe colourings. Double discs of chewable wood with thin long... Learn More
  23. New
    Natural Wood Boogie
    Natural loofah is loved by all birds and animals to chew. With wooden discs and woven strands this toy is great fun to... Learn More
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    Hamster/Small Animal Value Set 11
    Special Price £25.00 Regular Price £30.00
    Set of 11 starter set up toys hich are great value to add to your pets home. Recommended for hamsters but used by a... Learn More
  25. Shooting Stars Wood & Rope Toy
    Masses of coloured wooden blocks to chew with a large chewable wooden top, wooden beads and fun munchy leather... Learn More
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    Sky High Ladder
     fun long climbing ladder with rope construction and wooden rungs. Very large measuring 107 x 15cm  Each rung is... Learn More
  27. New
    Let It Ring Wood Toy With Bell
    Fun chewable wood pieces with a large bell on the bottom. Size 37 x 5cm, actual toy 25 x 5cm Learn More
  28. Loofah & Cone Toy
    A natural chew toy with wooden block, natural loofah and a heat treated safe fir cone, with wicker ball. All on a... Learn More
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    Bubble Chewer
    A great toy to chew with a mix of colourful wooden cubes and bubbles of natural disc branch wood. Size 37 x 13cm Learn More
  30. Round Wood Ferris Wheel Toy
    A fun wooden toy which is 20cm with 6cm wooden rungs. Great for climbing and chewing! Learn More
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    Building Blocks Maze Mini
    A cube of wooden dowels with ABC blocks on hanging chain. Great fun to chew. You can squeeze treats between the slats... Learn More
  32. Barking Mad Forager - Natural Chew Toy
    A wood toy which contains natural bark which is better for the teeth. A great toy to chew with various shapes of wood... Learn More
  33. New
    Barking Mad Dumbell Wood Toy
    A wooden dumbell with the bark left on the wood for extra chewing fun. Wired through the middle this toy is great to... Learn More
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    Hamster/Small Animal Value Set 7
    Special Price £25.00 Regular Price £30.00
    Set of 7 starter set up toys hich are great value to add to your pets home. Recommended for hamsters but used by a... Learn More
  35. New
    Not only is this toy a massive 60cm long but it also contains so many different shapes and sizes of colourful wooden... Learn More
  36. New
    Natural Giant Chew Toy
    A huge toy ready to chew! With dried corn, bamboo, natural wood pieces, rope, pumice etc this is a great variety of... Learn More
  37. New
    Natural Wigglefish Chew Toy
    An all natural chewing toy with extra special wood pieces which contain the bark, great for beaks and teeth! The... Learn More
  38. New
    Double Dice Wood Toy
    Fun set of wooden dice, wood blocks with wood number pieces and hanging bells. Size of actual dice approx 10cm each Learn More
  39. New
    Wood Dice Floor Toy
    Wooden dice floor/foot toy, great chewing fun in any enclosure Size 4 x 4cm each Learn More
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    2 Pack Wooden Screws Chew Toys
    Lots of fun these 2 screws made purely from wood are great fun to chew and look fun! Size 7cm x 3cm Learn More
  41. New
    4 Toothbrush Chews
    Why do our pets always want our things? Human toothbrushes contain metals unsafe for pets, so we brought out these 4... Learn More
  42. Chewing Block Wooden Toy
    Chunky wooden toy with ridges of chewable wood. Approx 25cm Learn More
  43. Groovy Paper Rope
    This paper rope toy is threaded with fun chewable groovy blocks. Height 35cm Learn More
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    Forage N Play Toy
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £8.00
    Approx 60cm of wooden chewing fun with chewable end pieces to forage and find Learn More
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    Troll Bridge Small
    A bamboo and wood bridge with wicker balls and natural rope. Size 47 x 15cm Learn More
  46. New
    Java Hanging Pomelo Small
    The huge variety of materials make the java pomelo one of the best toys available with wicker, wood, java, string,... Learn More
  47. New
    Java Hanging Pomelo Medium
    The huge variety of materials make the java pomelo one of the best toys available with wicker, wood, java, string,... Learn More
  48. New
    Java Bosman Medium
    Java Bosman is a fun shaped toy with different pieces of kiln dried java wood which is extra strong for chewing Size... Learn More
  49. New
    Java Candle Chew Toy Medium
    Java spools and discs hanging on a long central thread leading to chewable java logs and shredding leaf pieces, with... Learn More
  50. New
    Gnaws Dental Stick Chews
    Very simply a pack of very strong java wood sticks. Great for pets with dental issues to keep teeth down, or just for... Learn More
  51. New
    Gnaw Biscuits - Java Wood
    Very simply a pack of very strong java wood biacuits. Great for pets with dental issues to keep teeth down, or just for... Learn More
  52. Sale
    Burger Buns - Pack Of 4
    Special Price £4.80 Regular Price £5.00
    Pack of 4 Burger Buns. With a wooden outer, a grassy middle and wooden pieces on top. A great fun toy! Size 8.5cm wide... Learn More
  53. New
    Fab Lolly Lick Chews
    Everyone remembers the Fab Lolly and now your pets can share in these animal safe versions. Simply wood, wood and more... Learn More
  54. New
    The Carrot Patch
    Fun wooden carrot pieces to chew with grassy tops, dug straight from the patch! Pack of 6, each 6cm Learn More
  55. New
    Strawberry Dental Gnaw
    Wooden strawberry chew wichich fixes to the side of your pets cage or enclosure for them to chew and keep their teeth... Learn More
  56. The Bungalow Hamster House
    Fun little wooden house, a great snuggly bed to fill with hay etc 10cm tall x 9 x 9cm with a 2cm hole Learn More
  57. New
    Log Wheel Natural Chew Toy
    Natural wood log pieces made into a fun chewable hoop wheel. Size 11cm Learn More
  58. New
    Manger Hay Bed
    Adorable little rocking manger bed, made from wood and ready to fill with hay and curl up to sleep in. With crinkle... Learn More
  59. New
    Manger Bunk Beds
    Adorable little rocking manger bunk bed, made from wood and ready to fill with crinkle paper and curl up to sleep in.... Learn More
  60. New
    The Swing
    Fun traditional wood swing on hanging rope. Size 15 x 11cm swing seat With 32cm of rope Learn More
  61. New
    Washing Peg Line Treat Holder
    Peg your pets favourite treats onto the washing line for them to reach up and nibble on. Please note this is made from... Learn More
  62. New
    Bark Log Tunnel
    A natural wood log tunnel with holes, great for hiding treats inside. Chewable with chewable bark outer. Size 30 x 7cm Learn More
  63. New
    Trixie Tube Tunnel Hay & Hibiscus 20cm
    Fun tunnel with hay and hibiscus blossoms. The tunnel is made using natural wooden material. It comes with carrot and... Learn More
  64. Java Radar Chew Toy
    Java wood pieces and logs hanging down to chew. Java is heat treated and stronger than most woods. This large toy will... Learn More
  65. New
    Coco Java Cluster Large
    A chewable toy with coconut pieces, wood pieces, java wood and string rope. Size 24 x 14cm Learn More
  66. New
    Java Cluster Medium
    A chewable toy with coconut pieces, wood pieces, java wood and string rope. Size 16 x 10cm Learn More
  67. New
    Coco Java Cluster Extra Small
    A chewable toy with coconut pieces, wood pieces, java wood and string rope. Size 10cm x 10cm Learn More
  68. Java Ezee Ladder Large
    Java ladder with animal safe water based colourings to make this robust ladder fun Size 47 x 20cm Each rung is 3cm... Learn More
  69. New
    Wooden Turret Hideout Medium
    This wooden turret hideout is great fun for mice and hamsters. They love to chew their way through it but peep through... Learn More
  70. Raindrops Wood Toy
    With wooden cubes, wooden pieces, cotton rope and chunky wooden rainbows this fun chew toy is made with all safe water... Learn More
  71. ABC Cubes Pack 12 - Wooden Toy Making Part
    Pack of 12 wooden ABC Blocks with drilled holes. To be used to replenish old toys, create new toys or just given as a... Learn More
  72. Natures Groove Natural Chew Toy
    Natural chewing fun with this chunky toy, sisal rope arms with hanging chunky wooden blocks grooved for extra chewing... Learn More
  73. New
    Crazy Tubes Chew Toy
    Fun plastic whiffle ball with crinkle chewing material, hanging rope with wood blocks, tubes and beads, the wood blocks... Learn More
  74. New
    Whiffle Houses
    A chunky wooden cube crammed with paper sticks, with whiffle balls and hanging natural wood houses with grooved... Learn More
  75. Bouncing Boxes Natural Toy
    Natural wood logs great for chewing with cute little grooved roof houses which encourage chewing due to the... Learn More
  76. New
    Bamboo Chime
    Bamboo is a fun safe chewing material. The long bamboo chimes on the rainbow shaped hanger with binkies on chains gives... Learn More
  77. New
    Little Houses Carousel
    Sweet little houses with ridge roof to encourage chewing. On hanging soft rope with a coconut half top. Size 25 x 14cm Learn More
  78. Baby Houses Tug Toy
    Whether they like to chew the cute little houses with the ridge roof, or push and pull on the chains to then tug at the... Learn More
  79. New
    Sisal Slices
    Sisal is a more coarse rope and great to chew, with wooden slices and cubes for extra fun Size 13 x 10cm Learn More
  80. New
    The Big Chew - Toy
    The big chew - for those out there who love to chew!! With natural coconut pieces in amongst wooden chunks all threaded... Learn More
  81. New
    Coco Beads Chew Toy
    A cluster of wooden beads with natural coconut piece chunks fantastic for chewing. Size 13 x 10cm Learn More
  82. Diamond Ladder Bridge Large Wood Toy
    Large chunky ladder/bridge for climbing or simply for chewing through. Thick chunks of wood with added beads Size 29 x... Learn More
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