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  1. Wooden Playblocks Medium Toy
        Pack of over 20 wooden blocks and beads. Great for drilling holes through to make parrt toys or just given as... Learn More
  2. Java MultiBranch Extra Small
    Multi Branch Java platforms are made from the wood of a coffe tree. Stripped of the bark, baked and sanded smooth they... Learn More
  3. Out of stock
    Java MultiBranch Small
    Multi Branch Java Platforms are made from the wood of a coffe tree. Stripped of the bark, baked and sanded smooth they... Learn More
  4. Out of stock
    Java MultiBranch Medium
    Multi Branch Java Platforms are made from the wood of a coffe tree. Stripped of the bark, baked and sanded smooth they... Learn More
  5. Colourful Square Swinger Climbing Toy
        These colourful block swings are great fun for your pets to climb in and chew on the wooden blocks and rings, a... Learn More
  6. Wood Swinger Medium Climbing Toy
        Woody swinging climber, chunks of wood on a swinger for chewing and climbing Size approx 31cm Learn More
  7. Rope Super Swinger Chewer
        Scarletts super swinger chewer contains everything your pet could want for texture, colour and variation. Made... Learn More
  8. Scarletts Mega Toy - Large Wood & Rope Toy
        Not only does this HUGE toy have wooden beads and blocks but to let your pet really get in on the action,... Learn More
  9. Building Blocks Maze Wood Toy
        This toy is excellent value.  Wooden bars with wooden ABC blocks which spin as the animal plays. This 2 tier... Learn More
  10. Pyramid Toy Large Climbing Swinger
        Large pyramid shaped toy. Made from natural wood branches with coloured wooden blocks between and a central... Learn More
  11. Wood And Leather Ring Play Toy
        A fun ring toy with wooden beads, wooden blocks and leather pieces. A good chewing toy with different... Learn More
  12. Wood And Sisal Ladder Bridge
        This toy can be used as a ladder, a bridge or simply a hanging toy in any cage, stand or play area. Lots of... Learn More
  13. I Toy Huge Wood Chewing Toy With Rope
        This toy is full of beads, leather, sisal and rope. At 80cm this is a toy suitable for even thebiggest chewers!... Learn More
  14. Wooden Happy Heart - Pet Toy
        This little solid wooden heart will make any cage cheerful. With 3 smiley beads, further beads and leather... Learn More
  15. Leather Loop Large Toy
        This toy offers different textures and shapes for your pets enjoyment. A thick piece of leather holds brightly... Learn More
  16. Spider Sisal Rope & Wood Toys
        Spider like leather strips with flat leather strips, coloured wooden beads, a large chunk of wood at the top of... Learn More
  17. Block Row Wooden Toy - Large
        A long row of 25 chunky wooden beads and blocks for your pet to chew. With a quicklink at both ends this toy... Learn More
  18. Blocks Medium Wood & Rope Chew Toy
        52cm Hanging toy with coloured rope and wooden blocks great for birds who love to chew. Suitable for... Learn More
  19. Coconut Toy Large Wooden Chew Toy
        This large wooden toy is sure to keep your pet occupied. With hanging rope, wooden blocks, coconut halves and... Learn More
  20. Coco De Nut Large
    Coco De Nut Large Learn More
  21. Out of stock
    Coco Full Moon Large Natural Foraging Toy
        The Coco Full Moon is a full coconut with round drilled circles where your pet can forage inside for the hidden... Learn More
  22. Coloured Wood Chewing Discs - Toy Making Part - Pack 30
        30 Wood discs, size: 1 1/4in x 3/8in (7/16in hole).  Made with Non toxic dye. The colours may... Learn More
  23. Natural Wood Chewers Discs - Toy Making Part - Pack 30
        30 Natural Wood discs, size: 1 1/4in x 3/8in (7/16in hole) Great for making your own toys, handing to your pet... Learn More
  24. Coloured Chunky Groovy Blocks - Chewable Toy Parts - Pack 12
        A simple yet fantastic idea, these large Groovy Blocks are great for rejuvenating existing toys or for you to... Learn More
  25. Dancing Slices Medium Wood Toy
        Brightly coloured slats of wood which dance and move as your pet chews and plays with the toy. Size approx... Learn More
  26. Starship Wooden Climbing Toy
        The Starship is a fun swinging toy for all smaller and medium sized birds. With wooden discs, slats,... Learn More
  27. Pine Blue Clouds 3" Pack 6 - Toy Making Part
        These fun, pet safe blue cloud pine pieces are great for toy making. You can add them to our toy making kits,... Learn More
  28. Pine Daisies 1.5" Pack 12 - Toy Making Part
        12 various coloured pine daisies, great for making new toys as part of our toy making range. Re use old... Learn More
  29. Pine Stars 3" Pack 6 - Toy Making Part
        Pack of 6 pine stars to be used in toy making as part of our toy making range. ideal to use to... Learn More
  30. Groovy Gizmo Large WoodToy
        A very groovy toy with the number of groovy blocks, paper rope, wooden slats and discs on this hanging... Learn More
  31. Out of stock
    Bamboo Dragon Natural Large Wood Toy
        The dragons large bamboo body is the perfect hiding place for treats to encourage your pets to forage. The... Learn More
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    Bamboo Ring Abacus Chew Toy 44cm
    Special Price £6.50 Regular Price £8.00
        HARI Rustic Treasures Bamboo Ring Abacus. Hand crafted with natural Abaca, Bamboo, Coconut Shell and Corn Cob.... Learn More
  33. Chunky Chain Toy Huge Wood Toy
        A large toy with huge chunks of coloured bird safe wooden blocks and pieces. The shape of the toy... Learn More
  34. Firework Foraging Toy Large
        Large wooden cylindar  toy with rope. Your pet can enjoy the toy as it is or why not fill with paper or treats... Learn More
  35. Sounds Of The Sea
    A natural toy made from bamboo, coconut shell, sea shells, sisal rope and coloured paper strips to capture your pets... Learn More
  36. Out of stock
    Natural Bamboo Climber Medium
        Natural wood bamboo platform, chewable and easy on the feet. Vary in thickness due to being a natural product ... Learn More
  37. Out of stock
    Natural Bamboo Climber Large
        Natural wood bamboo platform, chewable and easy on the feet. Vary in thickness due to being a natural product ... Learn More
  38. Little Star - Chewer
        A cute wooden star to chew with added binkie pacifiers and leather  size 12cm Learn More
  39. Ropey Bridge -Small Animal Ladder Bridge
        Ropey Bridge Toy for small animals Fun,safe and colourful! Learn More
  40. Two Step Rope Swing Ladder
        A fun toy for birds who like to climb and hang upside down. With rope and wooden 'steps' this hanging... Learn More
  41. Beaky Blocks - Wood Chew Toy
        A fun toy with wooden blocks and pony beads all strung onto a central piece of cotton rope. Satisfies the need... Learn More
  42. Stacks Of Slats - Wood Toy
        Animals love the flat wooden slats to chomp through, all threaded onto a central cotton rope with beads this... Learn More
  43. Jigsaw Puzzle - Intelligence Training Toy
        Pets love to learn. This is a toy you can enjoy with your pet teaching him to fit the letters in the correct... Learn More
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    Little Log Bridge
    Special Price £2.50 Regular Price £4.00
        Natural wooden steps on natural sisal rope.  Size 40cm Learn More
  45. New
    Lily Pad Java Wood Toy
        Watch your pet chew and unfasten the knots and chew through the strong java wood pieces Size 32cm Learn More
  46. Coloured Small Groovy Blocks - Wood Toy Parts - Pack 10
        A simple yet fantastic idea, these large Groovy Blocks are great for rejuvenating existing toys or for... Learn More
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    Swinging Bridge Toy
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £6.00
        This wooden toy can be hung like a bridge or fastened down the cage for climbing, horizontally or vertical this... Learn More
  48. Groovy Lobster Wood Toy With Loofah
        The woden chewable lobster stands at the top of some groovy block squares, preenable rope and loofah pieces. A... Learn More
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    Forbid N Fruit Toy With Bell
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £5.00
          Fun wooden fruit shaped pieces to chew with tough acrylic pieces inbetween with hanging bell.  Approx 30cm Learn More
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    Swing N Bells Natural Wood & Rope Climber
    Special Price £2.20 Regular Price £3.00
          Natural swinging climber with simple natural wooden perch and white rope.  Size approx 34cm Learn More
  51. Natural Bamboo Circles Pack 10
    Strong natural bamboo circles, can be handed as chew toys to chew or used in toy making Each ring approx 3cm-4.5cm. Learn More
  52. Natural Lollipop Sticks Pack 50
    Pack of 50 natural lollipop sticks for toy making or to be used as chews Each stick approx 11cm Learn More
  53. Coloured Lollipop Sticks Pack 50
    Pack of 50 coloured lollipop sticks for toy making or to be used as chew toys Each stick approx 11cm Learn More
  54. New
    Seashell Java Swinger Large
    Large strong java wood swing, with hanging chains threaded with seashells, bamboo sticks, java pieces, coconut pieces... Learn More
  55. New
    Coloured Ice Cream Sticks Pack 50
    Pack of 50 coloured ice cream sticks. A fun chew toy or can be used in toy making. Learn More
  56. Rope Block Chew Toy
    Fun toy with soft cotton rope and wooden blocks, can your pet lift his dumbell! 40cm long x 2cm diameter rope with... Learn More
  57. New
    Colourful Disc Bridge Medium
    These bright colourful fun wooden discs are tightly added to the bridge making it that bit more of a challenge to chomp... Learn More
  58. New
    Block Bridge Ladder Medium Climbing Chewing Toy
    Double ladder with colourful blocks of wood, can be a vertical ladder or a horizontal bridge. Threaded wood on... Learn More
  59. Ickle Rattle Fun Wooden Chew Toy
    Wooden toy chew toy with coloured stars on a wooden dumbell. Size approx 10cm Learn More
  60. New
    Java Ladder
    Strong java wood ladder on manila rope suiting small animals Approx 30cm x 7cm Learn More
  61. New
    Planet Chewer Toy
    Chunky wooden hoop with plaited chewable strands and wooden pieces. Size approx 20cm Learn More
  62. New
    Alphabet Dumbell Wood
    Wooden Dumbell for chewing. Approx 15cm a fun wooden toy with ABC Wood Blocks Learn More
  63. New
    Ratty Wood Tumble
    Tumbling wood pieces designed special for your rat. Colourful and bright to chew. Approx 20cm Learn More
  64. New
    Hamster Wood Tumble
    Tumbling wood pieces designed special for your hamster. Colourful and bright to chew. Approx 20cm Learn More
  65. New
    Guinea Pig Wood Tumble
    Tumbling wood pieces designed special for your guinea pig. Colourful and bright to chew. Approx 20cm Learn More
  66. New
    Rabbit Wood Tumble Toy
    Tumbling wood pieces designed special for your rabbit. Colourful and bright to chew. Approx 14 x 7cm Learn More
  67. New
    Chinchilla Wood Tumble Toy
    Tumbling wood pieces designed special for your chinchilla. Colourful and bright to chew. Approx 27 x 6cm Learn More
  68. New
    Natural Wood Climber Ladder/Bridge
    Natural wood ladder which can also be hung as a bridge. Great for chewing. 54 x 20cm with 2cm diameter rungs     Learn More
  69. New
    Pine & Leather Bridge
    Completely natural wood ladder bridge with chewable pine and natural leather pieces Size 61 x 19cm with rungs 3cm... Learn More
  70. New
    Large Log Tunnel
    This all natural log tunnel has great grip for climbing and sitting on or makes a great little hideout. Hide treats... Learn More
  71. New
    Wicker Tumble Toy
    A fun tumble of coconuts which are a natural item and great to chew on with wicker balls. 24 x 8cm Learn More
  72. New
    Gnaws N Logs Healthy Toy
    A stack of wooden slates with 2 large mineral gnaw blocks great for your pets health and to prevent dental issues Size... Learn More
  73. New
    Bamboo Dancer Natural Toy
    Natural toy with bamboo tubes, half rings, wood beads, rope and giant wicker ball. All natural materials Size 48cm inc... Learn More
  74. New
    Pick N Blocks, Rabbit, Rat, Chinchilla Toy
    The pick n blocks toy helps keep pets teeth worn down, with fun wooden blocks on hanging rope with some irresistable... Learn More
  75. New
    Mineral Slats Toy
    A great healthy toy for wearing down teeth. Lots of wooden slats with 2 large mineral stones. Chewing fun! Learn More
  76. New
    Star Climber Ladder
    A fun chewing climbing toy with rope, cockle shells, wood logs, wooden stars and beads. Great for rats, mice and other... Learn More
  77. New
    Coconut Hideout Small Animal Toy
    A great place to hide treats and shredding material, this natural coconut has a open front with coconut fibre, coco... Learn More
  78. New
    Bamboo Tubes Natural Toy
    With natural pine wood, coconut pieces and bamboo tubes this natural toy is a great chewable toy. Learn More
  79. New
    Loopy Beads Hamster, Rat Toy
    Central wooden piece with wound loops containing loofah pieces and beads. A great toy to climb around and chew 14 x... Learn More
  80. Sale New
    Loofah Biscuit Chew Toy
    Special Price £2.00 Regular Price £3.00
    Wooden biscuit with a loofah chew top. Great to climb on and chew.   Size 23cm x 7cm or actual toy 5 x 7cm Learn More
  81. New
    Log Swinger Climbing Toy
    Natural rope and wood log toy to chew, smaller animals may enjoy climbing and swinging on the wooden logs. 25 x 13cm Learn More
  82. New
    Diamond Climber Natural
    Natural chewable wooden diamonds which smaller animals may enjoy climbing on and sitting in. Learn More
  83. New
    Log Climber All Natural Toy
    Natural wood log chew toy which larger animals will gnaw on while smaller climb and chew 16 x 8cm Learn More
  84. New
    Sweet Tumble Raffia & Wood Toy
    A fun mix of natural wood, coloured wooden pieces and raffia sweeties to shred, pull and chew. 21 x 13cm Learn More
  85. New
    Rope Climber With Log Step
    Knotted climbing rope with natural wood steps/grippers and wooden central chew. 44 x 10cm with 1.5cm diameter rope Learn More
  86. New
    Crazy Wood Chunks
    Crazy wood chunks is exactly that, brightly coloured wooden chunk to chew stacked in crazy shapes on chain making this... Learn More
  87. Sale New
    Wooden Hoopla
    Special Price £3.42 Regular Price £4.00
    A wood toy with 2 perching areas and Plastic hoops to chew and play with. For small birds 19cm x 12cm or 11cm x 12cm... Learn More
  88. New
    Natural Bagel Chew Toy
    Natural cardboard chewable bagel with wicker ball along a chain of chunky wooden blocks. A substantial chewing toy 33... Learn More
  89. New
    Funtime Wood & Wiggle HUGE TOY
    A fun large toy with colourful wooden shapes which move as your pet plays with the toy. Only water based colourings... Learn More
  90. New
    Chew Time Wood Toy
    Brightly coloured wooden blocks alternated with wooden beads. Great for keeping away dental issues in small animals 20... Learn More
  91. New
    Leather Balancer
    One main colourful wooden block with tips on the hanging chain as the wooden pieces and slats are chewed through on... Learn More
  92. Sale New
    Moonwalk Chewable Rat, Chinchilla, Degu Toy
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £10.00
    The natural round coconut piece gives way to lots of hanging rope pieces with chewy wood blocks, bright, colourful and... Learn More
  93. New
    Diamond Blocks Wood, Leather & Sisal Animal Toy
    Wooden diamond block with hanging chewing blocks on natural vegetable tanned leather strips with sisal rope. Size 38cm... Learn More
  94. New
    Hanging Puzzler Animal Toy
    Hanging wooden puzzler toy, fun to chew and great for pushing treats between the gaps 27cm x 13cm inc chain. Toy 13 x... Learn More
  95. New
    Coconut Den Natural Toy
    Small coconut den which larger animals such as rats enjoy chewing and smaller mice enjoy hiding inside. A great place... Learn More
  96. New
    Roll It Rat Toy
    Wooden barrel roller with wooden beads. You can push treats in if you wish. 7cm x 14cm or 21 x 14cm inc chain Learn More
  97. New
    Wood N Wicker Chew Toy
    Natural wicker vine balls strung with chewing wod chunks, fun toy for rats, rabbits, chinchillas etc 20 x 4cm Learn More
  98. New
    In And Out House
    For animals who love to climb, or snuggle. An open doorway with round peep holes. Natural wood bed or play house. 36cm... Learn More
  99. New
    Java Wood Kabob
    Sustainably sourced and extremely strong the java wood kabob is a great toy for the big chewers! Size 16 x 8cm Learn More
  100. Sale New
    Spinning Slats Toy
    Special Price £3.50 Regular Price £5.00
    Colourful woodem slats which turn as your pet chews them. A great value toy at 26 x 10cm Learn More
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