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It is well known that many pets take comfort from snuggling up inside hammocks, tunnels and snugglies.

Scarletts Rat Essentials has a large selection of rat hammocks suited for multiple and single pet rats along with Chinchillas and Degu.

Scarletts special offer hammocks are a great way to save money while kitting out your rat cage essentials. We have soft quilted hammocks, damask igloo, cuddle up chinchilla igloo, rat tunnels and cream coloured snugglies as part of our selection.

Hamsters tend to like coconut hides along with pet mice, whereas rats will love to squeeze together into a hammock.

The plastic Sputnik for rats is available in 2 sizes here at Scarletts, these are a long lasting, lightweight hide for rats which chinchillas and degu will also enjoy. They are easy to clean and disinfect as they clip together so can easily be removed from your pets cage.

Our small animal tunnels for rabbits and guinea pigs can fold flat which are great for indoor rabbits or pets in outdoor enclosures where space is a premium. 

The chube tunnels are made from pet safe cardboard primarily purchased for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchilla, gerbits, degu and hamsters. All of these animals love to chew so the Chube is the perfect cage accessory.

Scarletts stock a unique variety of Adventure Bound tunnels and dens which are exclusive to Scarletts Rat Essentials. This gives you as a pet owner the chance to offer your pet rats and rodents something totally different to sleep in, and because Scarletts offer the cheapest tunnels and hammocks in the uk you can afford to purchase more than one so you can alternate them between washes.

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Classic Pets brand of small animal products are well loved with uk pet owners and you will find a variety of colours and styles available to purchase for next working day delivery.

We have totally enclosed hideaway snuggles like The Cube hidey which pets love to snuggle in and feel secure, or open ended hideouts for those who like to see what is going on around them. Lined with luxury soft materials for rats our choice of pet hammocks is so varied you are sure to find one to suit your pets.

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