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Chew & Shredding Toys
Chew & Shredding Toys

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  1. Finger Traps Woven Paper Sticks Toy
        Ideal as a handy reward or when you need a few minutes peace! Pets love picking, chewing and unweaving the... Learn More
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    Cardboard Bagel Bangles Large Pack 50
        Brightly coloured, fruit flavoured hard cardboard rings that pets just love to destroy. Bangles are extremely... Learn More
  3. Out of stock
    CardboardBagel Bangles Small Bird Pack 100
        Brightly coloured, fruit flavoured hard cardboard rings that pets just love to destroy. Using a quick link,... Learn More
  4. ShredIt Large Toy
        Tough acrylic outer casing with a roll if shreddable paper inside. Refil sold seperately. Suits larger pets who... Learn More
  5. ShredIt Refil For Shredit Toy
        Paper Roll replacement for Shred It Toy. Can be used as a toy for pets to chew and shred  Learn More
  6. Plain Unprinted Paper Pack - Cage Liner/Toy Filler
        100% safe free from harsh chemicals and inks you can use these sheets to line cages, make toys or simply give... Learn More
  7. Small Animal Pipes Large Pack Of 50
        Brightly coloured, hard cardboard tubes that pets just love to destroy. Animal Pipes are extremely versatile... Learn More
  8. Out of stock
    Small Animal Bagel Bangles Small Pack 10
        Brightly coloured, fruit flavoured hard cardboard rings that pets just love to destroy. Bangles are extremely... Learn More
  9. Out of stock
    Foraging Pouch Chewing Toy
        Prefilled with hundreds of crinkle paper strands. If the pet enjoys foraging for their food or for edible... Learn More
  10. Natural Maize Mat - Pack of 2
          Natural Maize Mats - Chewing / Toy Making Part Suitable for all pets Sold In Packs 2   Size Approx 15cm... Learn More
  11. Prosciutto Toy - Pack 2
        Pack of 2 natural chewing toys. Natural material all bound together with string.  Approx 23 x 5cm each  Learn More
  12. House Of Fun Loofah Pet Toy
        The house of fun offers a wide variety of chewing materials. Colourful loofah, leather, wood and bells make... Learn More
  13. Coloured Pinata Spiked - Natural Toy for Rats - Medium
        A large variety of natural fibres are all tied to a central rope hidden inside a crunchy outer layer of hand... Learn More
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    Flowerpot Natural Forager Chew Toy
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £7.00
        Flowerpot Foraging Box is made of Paper, Rice, Starch, Abaca and Palm leaf and is designed to encourage... Learn More
  15. Toy Star Basket Large Shredding Toy
        Shreddable basket with hanging shredding materials and woven stars. Size approx 38 x 9cm Learn More
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    Bamboo Wrap Parrot Chew Toy
    Special Price £2.50 Regular Price £3.00
        Hand crafted with natural materials such as Abaca and Bamboo.  Size approx 22 x 4cm Learn More
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    Preen And Scritch Basket - Textured Toy
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £7.00
        Preen and Scritch basket is a fun textured toy for your pet to chew and shred. With hanging plastic... Learn More
  18. Holly Jolly Ball Stuffers Pack 3
    Holly Jolly Stuffer Balls Pack 3 Learn More
  19. Willy Wonka Chew Toy
        1" x 6" of wonderful chewy  toy.  It is a 1 1/2" birdie bagel with colored plastic chain threaded through and... Learn More
  20. Baby Monkey Pinata Shredding Buddy
        Mini Pinata for Rats, Mice, and small animals Add your pets favourite treats inside this safe chewable... Learn More
  21. Parrot Loofah Ladder
        The Loofah Ladder toy has wooden ladder pieces at the bottom, with preening rope, and a Loofah Parrot friend at... Learn More
  22. Bangle Spinner Chew Toy
        Spinning bangles foot toy your pet will love the feel of and love to chew! size approx 20cm Learn More
  23. Vine Ball Christmas Tree Festive Rodent Toy
        Christmas Tree made with vine balls he can shred and a wooden ABC block, with ring decorations. Suits rats,... Learn More
  24. Pack of 8 Cardboard Pieces - Toy Making Part
        Made from 100% non toxic materials these are great to give as chew toys or to use in making your own pet... Learn More
  25. Corn Husk Toss ChewToy
        All Natural Material Chew Toy Size 4.5" x 2"  Learn More
  26. Mini Seagrass Tumble -Chew Toy
    Tightly bound seagras stripheld together with a fruit flavoured bagel  Size approx 4" x 2" Learn More
  27. Moon Pie - Chewable Toy
        With woven flowers and wicker vine ballls in the centre a chunky toy  3.5 x 3.5" Learn More
  28. Christmas Wicker Balls Festive Toy
        Decorate your pets cage with this Christmas Swag, full of chewing fun with wickers balls! Size 40cm Learn More
  29. Chube Large Cardboard Tunnel
        The original chewable playtube!  These brightly coloured Chubes are a favourite for all types of small animals... Learn More
  30. Chube Extra Large Cardboard Tunnel
        The original chewable playtube!  These brightly coloured Chubes are a favourite for all types of small animals... Learn More
  31. Chube Medium Cardboard Tunnel
        The original chewable playtube!  These brightly coloured Chubes are a favourite for all types of small animals... Learn More
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    Shredding Burger Giant Chew Toy
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £6.00
        With woven outer casing and shredding material stuffed inside to entice your bird to forage and shred. The... Learn More
  33. Grassy Wall Shredding Toy
        Animals love shredding and the grassy wall with its irresistable material and added leather and beads is... Learn More
  34. Finger Trap Shredding Wall
        Mini seagrass wall with shredding woven paper stick finger traps, felt pieces and a wicker ball. A fun toy for... Learn More
  35. Shredded Paper 3 Colours
    mixed coloured tissue paper great for using in foraging toys and shreddable toys. Learn More
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    Double Flower Shredder
    Shreddable sunflower chew toy bright and stimulating encouraging natural behaviour Size 20cm x 12cm Learn More
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    Powder Puff Shredding Chew Toy
    Shreddable toy with textured centre to encourage shredding size 14 x 7cm Learn More
  38. New
    Trio Triangle Shredding Toy
    3 pyramid triangle toys for shredding Approx 5cm Learn More
  39. New
    Natural Branch Chips Pack 450
    Approx 450 natural wood chips. Each chip approx 2.5cm diameter Learn More
  40. Foraging Pizza Slice With Crinkle Paper
    A deliciciously shreddable cardboard pizza slice, with crinkle paper inside, room to add treats knotted paper rope and... Learn More
  41. New
    Mystery Ball Shredder
    Hanging shreddable ball stuffed with fibre with a crinklt paper and coconut piece top. Size 25 x 10cm Learn More
  42. Husk N Balls Toy
    2 coconut fibre shredding balls in shreddable rope net casing on hanging ropes. Fun to climb and swing on. Learn More
  43. Christmas Cracker rat Toy
    A fun shreddable christmas cracker filled with crinkle paper and treats to add for yourpet to make sure he gets his... Learn More
  44. Natural Pine Cones
    Whether he holds it like a foot toy to chew, rolls it like a ball or you add it as a toy making piece or foraging piece... Learn More
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    Coco Pineapple Chew Toy
    A fun chewable coconut piece in the shape of a pineapple. All natural chew toy. Learn More
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    Buri yellow Box Chew Toy
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £8.00
    Made with natural materials and water based colours this safe toy is such fun to chew and shred. Your pet will love the... Learn More
  47. New
    Candy Tree Natural Chew Toy
    Natural wrapped 'candy' pieces for all pets to chew, joined in a fun tree shape for your pet to enjoy Learn More
  48. Fan Rolled Raffia Chew
    Tightly rolled and woven with enticing wicker sides your pet will love to pull and shred at this great value toy Learn More
  49. Finger Trap Woven Paper Stick 5" One Supplied
    A great woven paper stick toy to chew, hide treats or shredding material inside or give to be chewed Learn More
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    Fuschia Yellow Donut Chewer
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.00
    A fun colourful shredding toy, pets love the feel of the zigzag woven material Learn More
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    Long Donut Chew Toy
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £8.00
    It is bright, it is fun, it is full of chewable pieces, buri long donut toy, special offer! Learn More
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    Rip N Run Burrow
    Special Price £2.00 Regular Price £4.00
    Gnaw, Play, Hide and Sleep in our Rip N Run burrow. Suitable for small animals and all natural chewable fun. Use the... Learn More
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    Loofah Wickers
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £6.00
    All natural chewable toy with leather laces, wicker balls and natural loofah wheels. Size approx 36 x 18cmcm Learn More
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    Chewing Bag Barrel
    Special Price £1.90 Regular Price £2.00
    A toy which is 100% chewable. A natural woven fibre barrel crammed full of nesting fibre, with crinkle paper. You can... Learn More
  55. Natural Long Pine Cones
    Whether he holds it  to chew, rolls it like a ball or you add it as a toy making piece or foraging piece animals love... Learn More
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    Weave N Stars Chew Toy
    Woven wicker circle with rope. Chewable natural wood chunks with wood stars. Size 19 x 19cm   Learn More
  57. New
    Corn Husk Cluster Stack Chew Toy
    A stack or naturally dried corn, great fun to chew with 100% safe water based colourings used to entice your pet in to... Learn More
  58. New
    Wicker Card Chew Rat, Chinchilla, Degu Toy
    A natural toy to shred and chew. With wicker balls, wood and vine balls on a natural rope. A large toy for rats,... Learn More
  59. New
    Dancing Delight Chew Toy
    Your pet will love the variety of woods, wickers, card and vine. Lots to nibble at with chunky central rings, wooden... Learn More
  60. New
    Triple Ring Chew
    3 cardboard strong thick bagel rings with colored sisal rope. A great chew toy which smaller animals such as rats will... Learn More
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    Vine Ring Chew Natural
    Special Price £1.80 Regular Price £2.20
    An old favourite the woven vine ring. A natural climbing chewing toy. Size 15cm with 2cm diameter Learn More
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    Raffia Racket Natural Animal Toy
    Tightly bound raffia parcels with natural wicker balls. A dream shredding chew toy for rats, degu, chinchilla, hamsters... Learn More
  63. New
    Hide N Chew Shredding Toy
    A fun completely chewable bag with shredding fibre inside and natural wood sticks. You can push treats inside for extra... Learn More
  64. New
    Crinkle Coconut Toy
    Natural half coconut filled with pet safe crinkle paper. Great to refil and hide treats in.With wood slices. Size 32cm... Learn More
  65. New
    Party Tassles Toy
    A fun shredding toy with paper streamers, a woven flower top and wood beads 20 x 12cm Learn More
  66. New
    Log Chew Natural Rat, Chinchilla, Small Animal Toy
    100% Natural small animal chew toy. With natural wood logs, fibre, coconut pieces and woven materials great for... Learn More
  67. Loofah Biscuit Chew Toy
    Wooden biscuit with a loofah chew top. Great to climb on and chew.   Size 23cm x 7cm or actual toy 5 x 7cm Learn More
  68. New
    Sweet Tumble Raffia & Wood Toy
    A fun mix of natural wood, coloured wooden pieces and raffia sweeties to shred, pull and chew. 21 x 13cm Learn More
  69. New
    Grassy Hanger Chew Toy
    Woven straw grassy pieces into this little person shaped toy. Suitable for rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, chinchilla... Learn More
  70. New
    Chewers Chomp Toy
    Natural woven vine wicker ball for shredding with crinkle paper, wood pead and piece after piece of chewable natural... Learn More
  71. New
    Wicker Find N Chew
    A large wicker ball stuffed with chewable shredding materials on hanging rope. Loved by rabbits, guinea pigs and small... Learn More
  72. New
    The Big Wicker Chew
    Sometimes the most simple toys are the most fun. A giant wicker shredding ball, when hung in your pets cage it moves as... Learn More
  73. New
    Wicker Wreath Hoop
    Woven wicker around colourful vine balls. The chewers dream toy. Some animals who like to climb will love to whizz up... Learn More
  74. New
    Loofah Nibble
    This cute little squirrel is a delightful shredding toy with both coloured and natural wood blocks and hanging... Learn More
  75. New
    Wicker Grassy Chew Swing
    Natural woven grassy toy swich rats and mice will enjoy climbing in. No hanger included, easily threat through chain or... Learn More
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    Grassy Shoe Small Animal Toy
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £4.00
    Woven grassy shoe, a large toy rabbits, guinea pigs etc will enjoy chewing. Mice, rats etc will enjoy chewing and... Learn More
  77. New
    Grassy Mouse House
    Grassy house small animal toy for chewing, small animals such as mice will love to curl up inside Size 20cm high x... Learn More
  78. New
    Bagel Chain Toy
    Chewable fruit flavoured bagel with beads, a whiffle ball and plastic chain. A fun toy for rats to climb on Size 29cm... Learn More
  79. New
    Bagel Tumble Rat, Chinchilla, Rabbit, Degu Toy
    Tumbling chewable cardboard bagels with natural branch pieces. A great toy for rats, chinchillas, degu, rabbits, guinea... Learn More
  80. New
    Corny Disc Chew Toy
    Round woven chewable mat with corn husk hangers. A large toy for rats, chinchillas, Degu, rabbits etc Size 35cm x 21cm Learn More
  81. New
    Crinkle Corn Chew Toy
    Dried corn is great for chewing along with crinkled raffia pieces. Size 21 x 12cm Learn More
  82. New
    Fleecy Fun Snuggle Toy
    Fleecy fun is great to chew on or snuggle up to. With variety of soft materials this is a comforting toy. Size 17 x 6cm Learn More
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    Hessian Bag Surprise
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £5.00
    A fun natural hessian bag stuffed with fibre to shred. A fun toy which measures 16 x 7cm Learn More
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