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Keeping pets is not always easy. Children love to grow up around animals but if you or your child suffers from asthma or allergies you can have a reaction to the dust from your pet or your pets bedding and hay.

Pet air purifiers help with allergies and relieve symptoms such as sneezing and skin irritations.

Affordable air purifiers from Scarletts Rat Essentials mean you can happily live alongside your pet.

Our air is full of pollen and toxins, air purifiers sold by Scarletts are economically low cost to run and are quiet machines that can be left on all day and night.

They remove toxins from the area and also the UV in the machine will kill bacteria leaving fresh clean air.

Rabbits and guinea pigs, especially long haired rabbits and guinea pigs can be very dusty. Long haired hamsters trap the dust in their fur and this can irritate their skin. Chinchillas have a dust bath to help keep them in top condition but the dust can linger in the air. An air purifier will clean and remove that dust from the room.

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Some animals, no matter how much you clean them out, smell! I know our Syrian Hamster smells a little and our air purifier removes odour, which is nice when we have visitors!

We only sell leading brands of air purifiers such as Heaven Fresh and Puremate. These air purifiers are permanently low priced to make them affordable and you can clean the dust filter weekly to prolong the life, replacing it just once every 12 months.

The PM510 is a popular air purifier with people for pets, it works on a large room size cleaning the air and pollutants but is a small, neat compact machine.

The Heaven Fresh 3800A is a floor standing large machine which works best in large rooms or if you have several pets in the home, also if allergies are severe. The remote controlled air purifier senses when it needs to deal with odours, dust and pollutants and will boost itself up automatically to the correct setting. With LED indicators to show you what the machine is sensing.

Scarletts are the leading supplier of air purifiers for pets in the UK

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