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Rabbits, Guinea pigs and other small animals love bridges and tunnels to climb and hop through. Scarletts Rat Essentials have a large selection of cargo nets for rats and chinchillas. We find Degu love our cargo nets too and our Astro Lobe rope climbers for rats and chinchillas are available in 2 sizes.

We have a variety of different wooden ladders for pets, ranging from smaller hamster cage accessories to large java ladder bridges for Chinchillas, Degu, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs to chew. Java wood extra strong heat treated wooden ladders help prevent dental issues in rabbits.

Java tree climbers and java wood multi branches are very popular additions to rat cages, chinchilla cages and play areas for pets. We have some extra small mini trees which work excellent for young baby rats and several customers share their images on Scarletts rat essentials facebook pages.

In our climbing and agility section you can purchase hamster balls, saucers and wheels. Our shop by pet category will help narrow down your product search and make shopping for pet accessories quicker and easier.

Degu’s love to chew and climb, a popular pet needing lots of climbing toys. Climbing towers, spiral rope climbers and boing ropes make pet cages a great area for pets to exercise.

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Our Syrian hamster loves to climb at every opportunity and spends hours exercising in his wheel.

We have wood and leather climbing bridges for rabbits, rats and small animals to chew and climb on. And with rope ladders from Zoo Max and Adventure Bound.

Affordable small animal toys are important as a nation of animal lovers. We love pet rabbits and our pet rats are an important part of the family. Sisal rope toys at Scarletts are all untreated and our plain woods are Degu safe.

With a wide choice of climbing products for chinchillas it is important to know our water based colourants used on our pet toys are all 100% animal safe. We use natural wood in our pet ladders and Gerbils and Hamsters can safely chew their way across the toy bridges.

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