Why you should get TOYS for your pet rat

Why you should get TOYS for your pet rat

Pet rats are intelligent and playful animals. To be kept active and amused, rats need a variety of toys. With a little creativity, you can provide natural and entertaining homemade toys. With this, they enjoy playing and can even learn tricks.

Pet rats will always have a use for toys. They will often invent games to play with their fellow rats using the toys. Anything that speaks to their instincts and abilities would be a great option. They love anything that they can tunnel through, climb on, shred, chew on, and forage through. As you would imagine, a variety of options fit this bill and can be turned into a toy when given to a rat but we advise you stick to the more natural toys.

Before providing your rat with any toy, you need to ensure that it is safe for them to nibble on. They could get poisoned by just about any toy that they get will go into their mouth. Ensure that toys are non-toxic and safe for them to swallow. Additionally, small pieces of string and fabric can block their intestines or wrap around their delicate toes if you are not careful.


Without toys, your pet rat will bore easily and possibly resort to some

undesirable or even harmful behaviours.

Lack of toys could also lead to them becoming overweight and

depressed without their energy

and inquisitive minds.

There is a surprising number of toy types

you can purchase for your rat's enclosure, so

make sure you invest in a good number for

the enrichment of your pet.



Types of Rat Toys


Rat toys are under several categories, and

each motivates your rat differently. Some play on a particular natural sense your rat has or stimulate them mentally, while others are created solely as a physical outlet. If you're lucky, you'll find a toy or two that do all of these for your rat.


Here are categories of rat toys you can integrate into your rat's daily life



Foraging Toys

These are toys that play on your rat's natural senses. In this case. their desire for food or objects.

We recommended that owners hide their rat's food, so they'll forage it rather than getting it easily.

Luckily, you can buy toys that will help you hide food and treats in a manner that is more challenging and interactive for the rat than trying to hide the food underneath or above something in an enclosure.

Foraging feeders will help your rats climb to access their food. You could also purchase a cholla or bamboo branch (often used for bird enclosures) and stuff some of the food inside for the rat to get out. A paper towel roll is an easy alternative if you can't find it.



Tunnel Toys

Rodents have the natural urge to burrow holes for safety or shelter. Tunnel toys will help satiate your rat's natural urge and provide them with a hollow space to

run around or even hide.

Tunnel toys are great for when your pet rat wants to roam. You can connect multiple pieces and lay them out on the ground for the rats to play with where they have more space.

However, you have to make sure that any piping or tunnel toy you buy is wide enough for your rats to fit and still have ample room for more of your activities.

You don't want to risk your rat getting stuck or outgrowing the toy when they get bigger.


Under these two types of toys and more natural toys for your rat's here.

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