Pros and Cons of owning a Gerbil

Pros and Cons of owning a Gerbil

Gerbils like your pet rats and mice are very fun animals. Because you may be wondering if gerbils are the right pets for you, we decided to compile several pros and cons of owning a Gerbil to help you make your decision.

Pros of owning a Gerbil

  • They have fun personalities and are fun to watch

 Gerbils have very unique personalities. Some gerbils are adventurous, and love to run around and explore, while others are quieter! Their temperaments are part of what makes them so special and so Gerbils!

They also love digging, burrowing, scampering, playing, chewing, climbing, and doing other adorable things. Watching gerbils would put a smile on your face!


  • They are low maintenance

Gerbils are low-maintenance pets that do not cost very much to maintain for the most part.

With a Gerbil, you get to save even more money on maintenance by using gerbil-safe items that you can find around the house.

The great thing is you can also shop for affordable Gerbil toys and Gerbil treats here


  • They don't smell

Gerbils do not smell. Also, as long as you clean your Gerbil's cage regularly, its cage will not smell. So, if you can’t stand the odours some other pet rodents emanate, gerbils may be the best pets for you.


  • They rarely bite

Unlike some other rodents, gerbils are not likely to bite people and rarely do. They may only bite you or any member of your household if they feel threatened or afraid.


  • They are not nocturnal

Gerbils are not nocturnal but crepuscular. This means that they are awake in the morning and evening, and are awake at different times throughout the day and night! In other words, you will be able to watch and play with them more often than hamsters and some rodents which are nocturnal pets


Cons of owning a Gerbil

  • You need to protect them from predators

Not only snakes but dogs and cats are considered predators. Ensure that your gerbils are safe and secure in their tank or cage if you will be letting other animals that are predators into your gerbil space or better still do not let your dog, cat, etc into the gerbil room at all!


  • They have a low life span

They don’t live very long. Unfortunately, Gerbils only live around 3-4 years.


  • They need company

Gerbils are known to live together in groups, and if you only get one gerbil, it will be lonely. Another disadvantage of keeping only one gerbil is that single gerbils may become more disinterested in things they used to enjoy, and may even develop serious health conditions.

This doesn't mean there would not be times where you should house gerbils separately. You should get at least two Gerbils.


  • They are not cuddly pets

People tend to think that gerbils are cuddly pets. However, this is not true. Gerbils may be very friendly and cute, but they do not enjoy being held for a long period or being cuddled with.


  • They are small escape artists

 Since they are very small, it is easy for them to get injured accidentally.

Not only is it pretty easy for gerbils to get injured, but it is easy for them to escape because of their small size.


  • You can only house same sex together

Gerbil neutering is not very available and can be stressful for the gerbil so you can only keep gerbils of the same sex together or else you are looking forward to having baby gerbils are everywhere!






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