How to keep your rat cool during summer

How to keep your rat cool during summer

The rising temperatures may feel nice on your skin and might feel so good but the same cannot be said for your pet rats. Rats are nocturnal animals and they cannot endure either excessively hot or humid environments and temperatures.

 Pet rats do well in temperatures between the low sixties and mid-seventies and when they are exposed to greater heat for long periods, rats are in danger of heat stress, heat stroke, and heart attacks.

There are some symptoms your pet displays when it is experiencing excess heat and humidity.  Before we go into that, check out our newest addition to our collection of Rat Toys and Rat Healthcare & Cleaning materials

The most apparent indications of heat in your rat includes:



If your rat is moving around a lot less or very slowly, this is an indication that it is too hot for them to handle.

Pet rats are very playful pets but in a hot environment your rat would not want to move around, this might be a warning sign.


Eating Less Food and Treats and Drinking More

Aside from being not so active, overheated rats tend to eat less food than usual. If you see your pet food bowl staying full throughout the day when it is usually being emptied, this is a possibility. It is also possible that your rat drinks more water than usual if it starts feeling hot. Keep an eye on its water bottle(s) to monitor how much water it is drinking throughout the day. Always make sure it has enough water at the start of the day.


When Your Pet is Sprawling Out

If your rat is hot, it will lay down a lot. Your rat would love to stretch out as far as possible with its feet out behind it to soak up as much cold as it can. If your pet rat is in one place which he normally would not be for a long time, it is a bad sign when it comes to hot temperatures.

If there is a cool spot in the cage, like a brick or tile, your pet might be monopolizing that surface area to cool off. Try touching its tail, nose and ears: if it feels warm, the pet is feeling the heat and needs to be cooled down.



Keeping Your Pet Rat Cool

The widespread rule for rats is that if your rat feels too hot for you, it is too hot. Even though the temperature inside is usually much cooler than it is outdoors, safeguards should be taken to make sure that your pet rats are staying cool and safe.

Try checking the weather frequently to keep an eye out for upcoming heat waves and high temperatures so you know what to expect.  As a pet rat owner, you should Keep Your Pet Rats Indoors, Have a Reliable Air Conditioner, Have Plenty of Air Ventilation, and Keep a Constant Room Temperature


How To Prevent Your Pet Rats From Having Heat Stroke

If your pet rat is in danger of having a heat stroke, there are some things you can do to cool them down quickly.  If you see any signs your rat is overheated, act fast to cool your pet and potentially save its life. Check out these quick and temporary fixes

  1. Freeze bottles full of water and place them around your rat’s cage to give your rats a place to cool off quickly.
  2. If your pet rats are overheated, try feeding them a few frozen treats.
  3. Give your rats ice cubes to lick
  4. Dunk Your Rat in Cool Water


In the summer months, remember to have fun, but keep your rat’s health and well-being in mind, too.

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