What type of hamster should you get for your kid?

What type of hamster should you get for your kid?

Hamsters make a very good first pet. They are relatively low maintenance for little kids to look after, fun to play with, easy to train and very entertaining.

Here are five hamsters we recommend for your kids;


Syrian Hamsters

This family's favourite pet was introduced to America in 1936. These cute balls of fluff come in a variety of different colours. They are super sweet and generally good-natured. Even though they are friendly to people, they do not enjoy the company of other hamsters, hence always live alone. A well-cared-for Syrian hamster can grow between 5-7 inches and has a lifespan of around 3 years. We recommend that you get a young Syrian hamster so that you can tame it to recognize your scent, voice, and touch whilst building up your child’s handling confidence.


Chinese Hamster

The Chinese hamster which also known as the striped hamster has an unusual dark line running down its back. With its mouse-like physical attributes, it loves playing and hiding, even though it does not like being handled for long periods. It can live for up to three years but prefers living in solitude. It tends to be aggressive towards other hamsters. Although Chinese hamsters make great pets, they aren’t very suitable for younger children as they are fragile, fast, and flexible. This makes them difficult to handle for a long period. They are better for teenage kids.



Dwarf Campbell Russian Hamster

Dwarf Campbell Russian Hamster

This can be classified into two popular breeds of dwarf hamsters. The Russian Dwarf originates from Russia and was first captured in the wild. Even though it is tiny in contrast to its Syrian cousins, it tends to grow between 3-4 inches and can live for 2 years. As long as they are introduced at an early age, Dwarf Campbells are happy to live in same-sex groups. They are sweet-natured but harder to tame and hold due to their size. They get spooked easily and can nip when startled, hence we recommend that you supervise any interactions between your hamster and any young children.


Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster

Even though they seem to be related to the Dwarf Campbell Russian Hamster, the Winter Whites are a different kind of breed. However,  they share several similar traits. Both have comparable coloration and habits. They are best suited to being kept in a tank as they are well adept at squeezing through cage bars. They enjoy the fellow company and whilst they are friendly and sweet, due to their size, they can be tricky to tame.


Roborovski Dwarf Hamster

They are small but incredibly speedy. They are the most adorable species to look at, are very small which makes them tricky to tame, and as a result, they are often expert escape artists. These hamsters can also be kept in same-sex groups and despite their size would live between three to four years. They rarely grow to more than 2 inches in size hence, they need to be handled with care and are not recommended for little kids but maybe for teenagers.


Now that you know the type of hamsters you could get for your kids, it is important to take out time to help your Hamsters exercise so they don't become overweight or fall sick.

It is important to pay attention to details that concerns care for your hamsters like their food, treats, toys, and even homes.

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