Keeping and Caring for Degu as pets

Keeping and Caring for Degu as pets

Degus make great pets. They are small, burrowing rodents native to Chile.

In the wild, they live in elaborate burrows amongst the rocks and brush of the West Andean slopes. To be happy, Degus should be kept as pets in pairs or groups. As pets, they typically live 5 to 8 years.

They are very playful and curious creatures and, like most rodents, love to chew everything and thrive on social interaction and activity.


When you may hear your Degu's high-pitched screeches, it means they are threatened, stressed, or they got their food swiped. If you train your Degu from birth, it may come to you for cuddles or belly scratches. Degus rarely resort to biting unless feeling cornered or threatened.

They are similar to Prairie Dogs, Profile

Chinchilla Specie, and Capybara Species.



Your Degus needs a large cage. Multi-Level cages are ideal. Its cage size should be a minimum size of 24 inches by 18 inches by 24 inches.  This would house two degus comfortably. The larger, the better. Degus can eat their way through wood and plastic. A Degu cage should have a nesting box that imitates the burrows Degus dig in the wild. Using paper-based bedding is safer and just as absorbent when changed out regularly.

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The right combination of a proper Degu diet is a combination of high-quality chinchilla or guinea pig pellets and a rodent block. Provide fresh vegetables daily, such as sweet potato (peeled, uncooked), carrots, leafy greens (spinach, dandelion leaves, parsley), and green beans every day.

Your Degu also needs clean and fresh water available at all times.

Of course, you need to give your Degus treats once in a while.

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Due to natural insulin resistance, degus can be exposed to diabetes. They also experience Bumblefoot, a bacteria that causes foot sores and requires antibiotics for treatment. Degus are prone to tooth spurs although the provision of safe chewable toys can help prevent this painful mouth condition.

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Like hedgehogs and other wild rodents, Degus can be easily tamed when handled from an early age. They live well housed when they are same-sex paired with other degus. They are playful and curious and If they are given sufficient social interaction and exercise, they can become aggressive.




Degu toys are must-have items for your adorable little rodents who love to chew. Even though a Degu may be a chubby, furry rat, its teeth are one-of-a-kind. Its teeth grow on a continuous basis. Our group of Degu toys contain a colourful assortment of chew toys of varying textures.

The toys that we provide include- light up, noise toys, textured toys, rolling toys, bouncing toys, swinging toys, and foraging toys that provides them with a stimulating challenge when it is time to feed them or give them treats.

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