How To Care For A Guinea Pig

How To Care For A Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are friendly, inquisitive, highly intelligent, easily tamed, and sociable pocket pets. Their friendly nature makes them fantastic pets, however, they need commitment and regular attention to ensure they stay healthy and happy.  If appropriately looked after, Guinea pigs can live for up to ten years.

Need to know how you can care for your guinea pigs, read on to find out how to care for them.


Your Guinea Pig Food

Guinea pigs are naturally herbivores. The most important meal for them like rabbits is GRASS HAY. Grass hay is great for your guinea pick because their teeth grow continuously throughout their life and grass hay is abrasive to teeth.

It is important to note that even though your guinea pig can feed on grass, you should avoid feeding it legume hays, like alfalfa, because they are too high in calories, calcium, and protein.

Because guinea pigs are unable to produce their own vitamin C, to prevent them from developing a disease called scurvy, you could also feed them strictly guinea pig pellets, vegetables, and fruits.

 You could also check here for other guinea pig food options (this would be a link to redirect them to the page where they can buy guinea pig food)


Your guinea pig toys and accessories

 A downside of acquiring such small and adorable pets is that they get bored just like any other animal and risk getting fat. To avoid that, you could keep them busy by giving them toys to play with.

Guinea pigs need toys that satisfy their chewing instincts, offer them mental stimulants and satisfy their need to explore and exercise. The happiest guinea pigs are those with enough toys to keep them occupied.

Here are some toys we suggest you purchase for your guinea pig (this would be a link to redirect them to the page where they can buy guinea pig food)



Guinea pigs are happy in the company of other guinea pigs. However, if you do keep males and females together, make sure both animals are of the same sex or at least one gender has been desexed.

We do not recommend you keep guinea pigs and rabbits together because rabbits can pass on diseases to guinea pigs, and they may bully each other.



Daily grooming is vital for long-haired guinea pigs because it ensures their coats remain in good condition. Regular handling will help build your guinea pig's confidence and encourage it to become more friendly and sociable.

When grooming your guinea pig, you need to also check the length of your guinea pig’s teeth and toenails and ensure your veterinarian trims them If they are too long.


Cleaning your Guinea Pig's home

  • When cleaning, disinfect their home and its contents at least once a week with a 3% bleach solution.
  • Make sure you rinse properly and allow it to dry completely before placing the guinea pig back into its home.
  • Remove wet spots daily
  • Change its bedding at least twice a week, or more often as necessary.


Finally, your guinea pig is healthy if it:

  1. Is active, alert and sociable
  2. It eats and drinks regularly
  3. Its fur is healthy and its eyes are clear
  4. It is breathing unlabored
  5. It is walking normally
  6. It is communicating by squeaking

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