Finding A Veterinarian For Your Guinea Pig

Finding A Veterinarian For Your Guinea Pig

Congratulations! you just added a rabbit, guinea pig, rat, hamster, or any other small rodent pet to your family. However, you need to find the perfect veterinarian. Carrying out regular checkups would help maintain your pet’s health and also give your veterinarian a chance to meet your pet, get to know him or her before a health emergency occurs.

 You would need the help of a vet to get your pet friend checked out in case a health emergency takes place. Most vets are wonderful people who would love your pet as much as you do.


How To Locate A Professional Vet

The resources ABPV, AAHA, and AEMV are amazing places to find vets, but member veterinarians who treat your pet rodents are limited.

 if you live in an area too far from any of these veterinarians or need a place to turn to for advice, a few options exist. The place where you got your furry friend is one and another one is a local rescue or club that specializes in your type of pet.

Contact them to ask about their veterinarian. You could also check the websites of national organizations for a species.

The ABVP AAHA or AEMV can still be useful. Search their entire list to find a vet near you. The fact that the vet belongs to such organizations shows that he or she is enthusiastic about continuing their education, which means they might know about species that are not cats and dogs. You can also call random veterinarians nearby and ask who they refer people to for your type of pet.

Finally, check out some websites and online reviews of professional vets and veterinary clinics all close to you. Any veterinary hospital that mentions rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small rodent pets on its website is most likely experienced in treating these furry fellows. Using any of the above suggestions, make a list of several veterinarians to contact.


Make Enquiries

Now that you have, now it’s time to take action. Call the veterinary offices on your list and raise some questions. The information you collect will help you agree on your next step. Ask the person who answers the phone if the vet there treats the type of pet you want to bring in. If yes, let them understand that you are looking for a vet for your pet and need to ask some questions about the hospital.

The questions you would  want to ask includes;

Can their vets help you?

Does any of the vets have specific or professional training for the pet you are bringing in?

Can they give you an appraisal of how many of those pets they treat every week?

What is the cost of a typical office visit and what are the payment requirements?

Do appointments normally run on time?  Can you make appointments with a vet of your choice?

Once you have clarified all this information, you can proceed to ask about anything else that might be important to you that wasn’t indicated on the website.


With knowledge from the website, reviews, and phone calls, you can narrow down your list to two or three vets.

Now see about stopping in their various offices and clinics to get a feel for it. After this, you are hopefully prepared to make an appointment and have your pet rodent meet the veterinarian for a checkup.

Vets cannot be found everywhere.  They are kind of scarce these days. Although there are a lot of graduates from veterinary schools year in, year out. it is almost impossible for several veterinarians to be within a 10-minute drive of everyone.


We hope this article would help you in your search for the perfect vet for your rodent buddy.

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