All You Need To Know About Your Pet Rat

All You Need To Know About Your Pet Rat

When people talk about their pets, you often hear mentions of dogs, cats, birds etc but what you don't know is that rats have been devoted companions of humans for more than 100 years.

Ask any rat owner why they keep rat pets, and he or she will tell you that rats are intelligent and social animals who make wonderful pets. They are easy to tame, making them especially great for someone who likes to handle their pets.

Rats might not be everyone’s idea of a perfect pet or a soothing companion for anxious times, but below are a few things you should know if you are joining the league of pet rat owners.


Your pet rat home

Rats are active and love to climb so the best home for them is a wire cage. The larger and taller it is, the better. 

Your small pet cage floor should be solid rather than wire, with a solid tray underneath, to avoid a rat trapping and injuring its feet or limbs. Aquarium-style glass small pet cages isn't a great idea as they are not ideal for ventilation

Your pet rat home should also have a nest box where it can sleep and enjoy a bit of peace.  Rats are vulnerable to extreme cold and heat dehydration that is why you need to make sure the cage is in a suitable habitat away from direct sunlight and draughts.

Here are cages you could get your pet rat


Your pet rat food

Rats are omnivores. Just like you love to eat healthily, we think you should also feed your pet rats a healthy mixture of vegetable fruits, and herbs.

Rats also love to shred, chew and gnaw on things. It’s a natural behaviour that helps them keep their teeth healthy and stops them from getting bored.

Here are some other recommended food and items they can chew on

Your pet rat exercise and entertainment Are rat toys a thing? Yes, they are!

 Rats need at least an hour’s playtime outside their cage every day, but to do this, you must first make your rooms safe and rat- proof, keep doors and windows closed and block cracks in floorboards, keep house plants out of the way and keep electric cables out of site so they don't get chewed on. Rats enjoy toys such as wood chewing discs, ice cream sticks, chewable pouches et. You should avoid wheels with spokes as they can cause a serious injury.

Here are some other recommended food and items they can chew on

Your pet rats birth rate

If you are not looking to house many pet rats,  we recommend that you buy same-sex pet rats. Rats can produce a litter of eight or more young ones each time.


Your pet rats health

Although rats make great pets, their health is fragile. This is why they live for around two and a half years.

To take care of your rat's health;

  1. Check your rat every day for any general signs of ill health, such as loss of appetite or lethargy.
  2. Do not but your pet rat from somewhere with many other rats, particularly if any of them have rapid or noisy breathing.
  3. While rats can be easily castrated, it is generally only necessary to prevent unwanted breeding or to stop the occasional aggression towards other rats or humans.


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