7 Things To Know About Keeping A Gerbil As A Pet

7 Things To Know About Keeping A Gerbil As A Pet

Gerbils make excellent pets for kids.  The Mongolian gerbil is mostly kept as a pet. People tend to mistake Gerbils for mice or rats because of their size, but Gerbils look and behave differently from rats. They generally live for up to three to four years, although they may live longer 

 They are fun and very entertaining. Even though taking care of a gerbil is easy, there are some things that parents and children should be conscious of before bringing one of these friendly pets into your household.

Here are some things you should know to keep a Gerbil as a pet.


  1. How to handle a Gerbil

Gerbils are very fragile creatures. When buying a gerbil for a child, parents should always supervise how the animal is being handled. Gerbils should be kept away from larger, predatory pets like cats, dogs, and even ferrets. When holding a Gerbil, you should never grab or hold a Gerbil by her tail, or you could cause it a serious injury.


  1. Gerbils Are Social

Gerbils are very sociable creatures and solitary life is bad for them. Gerbils live longer and healthier lives when they live with others of their kind, while solitary gerbils tend to be unhealthy, overweight, and have shorter lifespans. When bringing a gerbil into your home, you may do better for your gerbil if you bring home two at the same time.


  1. Gerbil food and treats

You could make your gerbil feed by combining hamster food with parrot feed. Other things you may add to your gerbil's diet include fresh fruits and vegetables, but not too much lettuce because it causes diarrhea.

You also need to give your Gerbil treats once in a while. You can shop for your Gerbil food and treats here. Gerbil Food & Treats


  1. Gerbil Toys
  1. Do not always give your Gerbil any toy made from plastic because Gerbils love to chew, and plastic could cause a lot of problems to your pet. Instead, try any of the toys here. Gerbil Toys


  1. Gerbil Cages

Make sure you wash your Gerbil cage at least twice a month. When doing this, ensure you remove everything from the cage and throw out old litter. Also, ensure you pick the appropriate cage for your Gerbil here. Gerbil Cages


  1. Gerbil Healthcare

When you bring your Gerbil for the first time, it is important to pay attention to your Gerbil's health. Some signs that signify that your Gerbil is ill include weight loss, inactivity, change in the appearance of your Gerbil fur, and change in the colour or amount of urine or feces. 

If any of the symptoms become persistent, it is best to take your gerbil to a veterinarian.

For healthy teeth, ensure your Gerbil constantly chews and gnaws to keep its teeth worn down.

Need to shop for some healthcare products for your Gerbil? Click here 1.  Gerbil Healthcare


  1. Gerbil sleep

Gerbils do not stick to a particular sleeping schedule. They would constantly sleep for an hour or two at a time, and then be up for an hour or two. This cycle continues throughout the day and night. However, gerbils who are raised in captivity do tend to conform to human sleeping schedules much easier.

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