6 ways to tell your Hamster likes you

6 ways to tell your Hamster likes you

Hamsters tend to portray different types of behaviours that mean different things depending on the situation that they are in.

It may be a struggle to tell if your hamster likes you because of how it acts at different times.

We looked into different ways that will help hamster owners understand their hamsters.

That way it will be easy to figure out if your hamster likes you or if it shows a certain behaviour for an entirely different reason.

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How to know your Hamster likes you

It Will Like To Show Off For You

If your Hamster shows off for you now and then, it likes you.

Your hamster will start showing off as soon as they notice that you are watching them or when you come around their cage. Most times what they will try to do is show you what makes them happy.

It almost seems like they’re proud of what they can do and because they like you they want to impress you.


It Will Stick Around After You Give Them A Treat

Your hamster will stick around after you give it one of its favorite treats. Curiousity comes naturally for Hamsters but they only come up to and explore something when they feel comfortable enough to do it.

Taking a treat from your hand and sticking around to eat it while you’re around them can be a sign that your hamster likes you and also really trusts you, which is even better.





A Hamster That Likes You Will Stretch And Yawn Around You


If a hamster starts stretching and yawning while you’re around them then that can be a good sign that they like you.


This is something that you’ll usually see while you’re near them or holding them and only after they’ve gotten used to you.


The main reason why a hamster stretching and yawning can mean that they like you is that it shows that they feel comfortable enough and vulnerable enough around you to do it.


Hamsters won’t show this much vulnerability around you unless they really like you and trust you a lot.


It’s also a really good way to tell that your hamster is just generally happy as well.


However, stretching and yawning can have multiple meanings for them, and sometimes it can even be difficult to tell when your hamster is happy and likes you too.


So one way to know that this means that they’re happy and like you are when they both stretch and yawn around the same time while you’re around them without showing that many signs of stress.


A Hamster That Likes You Might Respond Well To Being Petted


Some hamsters that like you enough will be fine with you to petting, cuddling, or just holding them in general.


So what you’ll notice is that it’ll be easier to pick them up and pet them while you’re holding them in your hands.


As you’re cuddling them and giving them some attention you’ll also see that they won’t try to get away from you while you’re doing it as well.


Even though this isn’t a usual experience for most owners, some hamsters can even start to drift off into sleep while they’re being held too.


Hamsters only display these kinds of behaviors after they’ve really gotten used to you though.

So if they do that then it shows that they like you and feel very comfortable around you.


If this isn’t your experience with your hamster then that’s fine too. Just because your hamster doesn’t like being petted or held that doesn’t mean that they don’t like you.


You have to remember that all hamsters are different with their own special personalities, so some of them won’t like activities like being held while others might really enjoy it every now and then.


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