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    Buri Thimble Chew Toy
    Special Price £0.52 Regular Price £1.00
    Natural chewable toy great for hiding treats inside Size 6cm x 3cm Learn More
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    Popcorn Treat - 3 Flavours
    Special Price £0.90 Regular Price £2.00
    Delicious popcorn treat for rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs etc 3 Great flavours - Banana, Apple and Cherry 1... Learn More
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    Bonita Pet Bowl
    Special Price £1.20 Regular Price £3.00
    A small animal plastic pet bowl Size 12 x 4cm ONE SUPPLIED COLOURS VARY Learn More
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    Natural Bamboo 3 Step Ladder
    Special Price £2.00 Regular Price £3.00
        Natural strong wooden bamboo ladder, with hook ends this is a great toy for pets who like to climb. Size... Learn More
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    Pick N Blocks, Rabbit, Rat, Chinchilla Toy
    Special Price £2.00 Regular Price £3.00
    The pick n blocks toy helps keep pets teeth worn down, with fun wooden blocks on hanging rope with some irresistable... Learn More
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    Chew Time Wood Toy
    Special Price £2.00 Regular Price £3.00
    Brightly coloured wooden blocks alternated with wooden beads. Great for keeping away dental issues in small animals 20... Learn More
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    Fleecy Fun Snuggle Toy
    Fleecy fun is great to chew on or snuggle up to. With variety of soft materials this is a comforting toy. Size 17 x 6cm Learn More
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    Swing N Bells Natural Wood & Rope Climber
    Special Price £2.20 Regular Price £3.00
          Natural swinging climber with simple natural wooden perch and white rope.  Size approx 34cm Learn More
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    Nature First Flower leaf Mix 100g
    Special Price £2.26 Regular Price £2.50
    A delicious leafy flower mix for small animals. Great healthy treat containing Marigolds, Parsley, Beetroot, Lucerne,... Learn More
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    Nature First 5 A Day Mix 75g
    Special Price £2.26 Regular Price £2.50
    A delicious 5 a day healthy treat containing Marigold, Beetroot, Pumpkin, Mint, Bell Peppers Learn More
  11. Gerty Guniea Pig Apple & Strawberry Scrummies 120g
    Give your furry little friend a tasty treat with these Tiny Friends Farm Gerty Guinea Scrummies. In delicious apple,... Learn More
  12. Versele Laga Crock Complete Apple 50g Treat
    Versele-Laga Complete Crock Apple is a tasty and healthy snack for rabbits, Degu, Rats, Hamsters and various rodents.... Learn More
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    Little Log Bridge
    Special Price £2.50 Regular Price £4.00
        Natural wooden steps on natural sisal rope.  Size 40cm Learn More
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    Nature First Flower Mix 75g
    Special Price £2.80 Regular Price £3.00
    A delicious blend of flower petals including Rose, Marigold, Cornflower. A healthy treat for small animals Learn More
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    Nature First Treat Selection pack 100g
    Special Price £2.80 Regular Price £3.00
    A delicious selection pack treat with mixed vegetables, herbal flowers, and dried fruits.  A healthy treat for small... Learn More
  16. Coconut Ball
    Keep things natural, this coconut ball has opened sides so small animals can climb through while larger animals can... Learn More
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    Forbid N Fruit Toy With Bell
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £5.00
          Fun wooden fruit shaped pieces to chew with tough acrylic pieces inbetween with hanging bell.  Approx 30cm Learn More
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    Large Log Tunnel
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £4.00
    This all natural log tunnel has great grip for climbing and sitting on or makes a great little hideout. Hide treats... Learn More
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    Wicker Card Chew Rat, Chinchilla, Degu Toy
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £4.00
    A natural toy to shred and chew. With wicker balls, wood and vine balls on a natural rope. A large toy for rats,... Learn More
  20. Hessian Bag Surprise
    A fun natural hessian bag stuffed with fibre to shred. A fun toy which measures 16 x 7cm Learn More
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    Groovy Jiggler Wood & Rope Toy
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £4.00
    A compact wood and rope toy for chewing with chunky wooden groovy blocks and thinner grooved slats. Size 13 x 9cm   Learn More
    Sunburst® Gourmet Natural Treats for small animals are an assortment of fun, healthy, natural snack mixes that... Learn More
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    Nature First harvest Veginibbles 200g
    Special Price £3.40 Regular Price £3.60
    A delicious dried vegetable healthy small animal treat with Beetroot, Carrot, Tomato, Sweetcorn etc - Corn, Carrots,... Learn More
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    Sweet Tumble Raffia & Wood Toy
    Special Price £3.40 Regular Price £4.00
    A fun mix of natural wood, coloured wooden pieces and raffia sweeties to shred, pull and chew. 21 x 13cm Learn More
  25. Mini Nail Clippers
    We recommend using any clippers etc with caution. Cutting too short can injure your pet. Nail clippers to be used for... Learn More
    Delicious apple flavoured jelly fruit cups are extra special way to reward you Pet. Simply peel off the seal and hand... Learn More
  27. Star Climber Ladder
    A fun chewing climbing toy with rope, cockle shells, wood logs, wooden stars and beads. Great for rats, mice and other... Learn More
  28. Wicker Wreath Hoop
    Woven wicker around colourful vine balls. The chewers dream toy. Some animals who like to climb will love to whizz up... Learn More
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    Spinning Slats Toy
    Special Price £3.50 Regular Price £5.00
    Colourful woodem slats which turn as your pet chews them. A great value toy at 26 x 10cm Learn More
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    Groovy Fingertrap Swing
    Special Price £3.50 Regular Price £4.00
    A fun swing with groovy block sides and a wooden swing area covered with the pets favourite... a woven paper stick... Learn More
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    Prosciutto Toy - Pack 2
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.00
        Pack of 2 natural chewing toys. Natural material all bound together with string.  Approx 23 x 5cm each  Learn More
  32. Lily Pad Java Wood Toy
        Watch your pet chew and unfasten the knots and chew through the strong java wood pieces Size 32cm Learn More
  33. Puzzle Drawers Puzzle Foraging Toy
          Simple yet effective your bird must remove the wooden drawers to optain your hidden treat. You... Learn More
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    Fuschia Yellow Donut Chewer
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.00
    A fun colourful shredding toy, pets love the feel of the zigzag woven material Learn More
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    Loopy Beads Hamster, Rat Toy
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.00
    Central wooden piece with wound loops containing loofah pieces and beads. A great toy to climb around and chew 14 x... Learn More
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    Bagel Tumble Rat, Chinchilla, Rabbit, Degu Toy
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.00
    Tumbling chewable cardboard bagels with natural branch pieces. A great toy for rats, chinchillas, degu, rabbits, guinea... Learn More
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    Java Banana Stack Medium Toy
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.00
    Folded banana leaf which is a great natural chewable material threaded on manila rope with java chunk pieces. Size 8cm... Learn More
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    Paradise Toy
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.00
    Natural coconut filled with shredding fibre. On the outer are holes with coconut discs (you can add treats to encourage... Learn More
  39. Out of stock
    Marigold Roller with Herbs, Seeds & Vegetables
    A delicious treat for rabbits, guinea pigs and small animals. Ingredients: marigold, plantain, nettle, dandelion,... Learn More
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    Loofah Nibble
    Special Price £4.80 Regular Price £5.00
    This cute little squirrel is a delightful shredding toy with both coloured and natural wood blocks and hanging... Learn More
  41. Burger Buns - Pack Of 4
    Pack of 4 Burger Buns. With a wooden outer, a grassy middle and wooden pieces on top. A great fun toy! Size 8.5cm wide... Learn More
  42. New
    Immunity Booster Rat & Rodent Treat 200g
    A delicious nutritious treat containing ingredients which are said to help prevent weight gain and contain anti... Learn More
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    Preen And Scritch Basket - Textured Toy
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £7.00
        Preen and Scritch basket is a fun textured toy for your pet to chew and shred. With hanging plastic... Learn More
  44. Jigsaw Puzzle - Intelligence Training Toy
        Pets love to learn. This is a toy you can enjoy with your pet teaching him to fit the letters in the correct... Learn More
  45. Shredding Burger Giant Chew Toy
        With woven outer casing and shredding material stuffed inside to entice your bird to forage and shred. The... Learn More
  46. F10 Hand Foam 50ml
    F10® Hand Foam is a ready to use, waterless, alcohol-free* hand sanitiser effective against bacterial, fungal and... Learn More
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    Small Animal Fun Climber With Hoop And Ladder
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £6.00
    A fun exercise toy with wooden ladders, wooden hoop and rope ladder bridge. For small rodents approx 35 x 35cm Learn More
  48. Bamboo Dancer Natural Toy
    Natural toy with bamboo tubes, half rings, wood beads, rope and giant wicker ball. All natural materials Size 48cm inc... Learn More
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    Groovy Fingertrap Pyramid
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £6.00
    2 wooden sitting areas with fingertrap woven paper stick coverings, all joined with wooden groovy blocks and wood... Learn More
  50. Christmas Doll Wooden Rat Toy
        Fun doll with a whiffle ball head, wooden hat, coarse rope hair which is great for chewing, with wooden spool... Learn More
  51. Flowerpot Natural Forager Chew Toy
        Flowerpot Foraging Box is made of Paper, Rice, Starch, Abaca and Palm leaf and is designed to encourage... Learn More
  52. Baby Monkey Pinata Shredding Buddy
        Mini Pinata for Rats, Mice, and small animals Add your pets favourite treats inside this safe chewable... Learn More
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    Mineral Platform Lava Ledge Large
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £7.00
    Flat mineral platform lava ledge which trims nails as well as providing minerals and nutrients. Size 16 x 11 x... Learn More
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    Loofah Wickers
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £8.00
    All natural chewable toy with leather laces, wicker balls and natural loofah wheels. Size approx 36 x 18cmcm Learn More
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    Diamond Climber Natural
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £8.00
    Natural chewable wooden diamonds which smaller animals may enjoy climbing on and sitting in. Learn More
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    Moonwalk Chewable Rat, Chinchilla, Degu Toy
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £10.00
    The natural round coconut piece gives way to lots of hanging rope pieces with chewy wood blocks, bright, colourful and... Learn More
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    Rainbow Unicorn Pinata
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £8.00
    Fun shreddable unicorn pinata which is great fun to shred and chew. Fill with treats or leave empty. Size 25cm high x... Learn More
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    Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Reggie Rat & Mimi Mouse Tasty Mix 2.5kg
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £8.00
    Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Reggie Rat & Mimi Mouse Tasty Mix is the same high quality recipe it has always been -... Learn More
  59. New
    Garden Chew Trapeze Small
    Trapeze toy hanging swing with a chewable natural matting area on hanging plastic chain, with fun garden style... Learn More
  60. F10 Disinfectant Wipes Pack 100
    A convenient pack of biodegradable, single-use wipes impregnated with F10SC for instant clean up and disinfection*. F10... Learn More
  61. Christmas Tree Wood Pet Toy
      Wood and leather toy to add some festive fun to your pets cage...his very own christmas tree! Suits rats, degu,... Learn More
  62. DrS Calcivet On Food Powder 80g
    On food calcium supplement for healthy teeth and bones in small animals.  Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3 for... Learn More
  63. Natures Groove Natural Chew Toy
    Natural chewing fun with this chunky toy, sisal rope arms with hanging chunky wooden blocks grooved for extra chewing... Learn More
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    Coconut Toy Large Wooden Chew Toy
    Special Price £14.00 Regular Price £16.00
        This large wooden toy is sure to keep your pet occupied. With hanging rope, wooden blocks, coconut halves and... Learn More
  65. F10 Veterinary CLXD Concentrate Cleaner Disinfectant 1 Litre
    F10®CLXD Avian Disinfectant Cleanser Concentrate has the same broad spectrum of kill as F10®CL Avian Disinfectant but... Learn More
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    Small Rope Cargo Climbing Net
    Special Price £19.99 Regular Price £25.00
        The small cargo net is made from natural rope which is less likely to fray and tangle when chewed. With chunky... Learn More
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    Medium Rope Cargo Climbing Net
    Special Price £30.00 Regular Price £34.99
        The Medium cargo net is made from natural rope which is less likely to fray and tangle when chewed. With... Learn More
  68. Fun N Fit Activity Centre
    Fun, lightweight, easy to clean pvc play gym. With sanded coated perching areas to trim nails, a cargo climber area... Learn More
  69. PureMate® PM 510 Multiple Technologies True HEPA Air Purifier
    PureMate PM510 Multiple Technologies True HEPA Air Purifier & Ioniser The PureMate PM-510 air cleaning system has... Learn More
  70. Sneaker Shoe Rat Toy
        Soft cotton and rubber textured sneaker shoe, just like the real thing! Real laces for your animals to play... Learn More
  71. Finger Traps Woven Paper Sticks Toy
        Ideal as a handy reward or when you need a few minutes peace! Pets love picking, chewing and unweaving the... Learn More
  72. Ball In A Ball Toy
        A fun plastic ball inside a larger plastic ball with a bell in the middle. A goodtoy for pets who like to play... Learn More
  73. Popsicles Chewy Toy
    Pack of 6 foot toy popsicles. Woven balls on natural wooden sticks.   Popsicles pack 6 (10cm Long x 4cm Wide) Learn More
  74. Wooden Playblocks Medium Toy
        Pack of over 20 wooden blocks and beads. Great for drilling holes through to make parrt toys or just given as... Learn More
  75. Coloured Chain Pack 5 Toy Part
        Coloured chain for use in toy making or in cages. Coloured Chain (5 large 27cm lengths) Learn More
  76. Garlic Sticks Treat - 500g
      Made from human consumption ingredients & relished in moderation Learn More
  77. Tidymix Mixed Nut Treat - 500g
    A tantalising mixture of shelled Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Cashew Nuts and Peanuts   Learn More
  78. Indestructabell Animal Bell
        The title speaks for itself with this toy. A bell encased in a tough polycarbonte case to stop your pets... Learn More
  79. Binky Ball Large Pet Ball Toy
        Push all the dummy shaped pacifier beads into the latex ball and then let your pet remove them all!! Pets love... Learn More
  80. Out of stock
    Cardboard Bagel Bangles Large Pack 50
        Brightly coloured, fruit flavoured hard cardboard rings that pets just love to destroy. Bangles are extremely... Learn More
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