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    Savic Giant Play Tube Rat/Chinchilla
    Giant play tube for ferrets, chinchillas and rats. Made of high quality plastic. Ferrets, chinchillas and rats need... Learn More
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    Savic Orbital Silent Exercise Wheel Medium
    Revolutionary wheel recommended for mice, dwarf hamsters and hamsters. The exercise wheel with stand has a wide... Learn More
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    Savic Orbital Silent Exercise Wheel Large
    Revolutionary wheel recommended for hamsters and rats. The exercise wheel with stand has a wide running surface and is... Learn More
  4. New
    Savic Rolly Exercise Wheel Medium
    Give your pet the mental stimulation it needs with our Rolly exercise wheel. Fix the Rolly wheel to your cage. An... Learn More
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    Savic Rody Tunnel Guinea Pig/Rat House
    A fun, nice small animal house with 2 openings. Suitable for guinea pigs and rats. Easy to clean. Colours may... Learn More
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    Savic Rody Igloo Rat/Guinea Pig House
    Gently round-shaped plastic den for guinea pigs and rats. The Rody Iglo, with one entrance, is an ideal place for your... Learn More
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    Savic Wellness Chinchilla Bath
    Elegant plastic bath for chinchillas and other rodents. Suitable for the daily care of your chinchilla's coat.... Learn More
  8. New
    Savic Micro Litter Scoop
    Modern shaped litter scoop. Suitable for fine clumping cat litter. With the help of Micro you can easily scoop waste... Learn More
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    Savic Spelox XL Metro Mouse/Dwarf Hamster Cage
    The Spelos XL Metro gives to your tiny friend a comfortable living environment and a play area all rolled into... Learn More
  10. New
    Savic Geneva Hamster Cage
    The Geneva is a two-storey hamster home. Its modern design and unique concept will suit any home interior, whilst the... Learn More
  11. New
    Savic Habitat Metro Gerbil & Hamster Cage
    Recreate the natural habitat of your gerbil or hamster with the Habitat Metro. They love a spot of digging. Fill the... Learn More
  12. Savic Pincer Snack Holder
    Handy clip for attaching snacks to a bird cage or aviary, alternatively for small animals. Can be used for millet,... Learn More
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    Savic Freddy 2 Rat/ Hamster Cage
    Freddy 2 is a lovely and spacious cage for rats. Courtesy of its very narrow bar spacing (9.5 mm), the case is not... Learn More