Why your Gerbil is not eating

Why your Gerbil is not eating

Gerbils are very amazing pets and people adore them so much that they have become common in some American households. These little furry friends can be a lot of fun to take care of, but you still need to be able to care for them properly so that they can thrive.

If you are worried about your pet gerbil because it hasn’t been eating, then you might not know what you should try to do about it. Keep reading to get more information about why a pet gerbil might stop eating as well as how you can try to turn things around.

Here are some reasons why your Gerbil may not be eating.


Your Gerbil Is Ill

When gerbils get sick, they will probably just stop eating for a long time. This is one of the greatest rationales why it is so worrying when gerbils stop eating like they normally do.

It is a great idea to keep a close eye on your gerbil to see if its behaviours have changed when you think it is sick. Trying to get your gerbil to eat is going to be helpful, but if the gerbil just doesn’t seem to want to eat, then it could be that it has become ill.

At this juncture, you would need to contact the veterinarian so that you can go over your alternatives. A veterinarian will be able to look at your gerbil so that you can figure out what is going on.

Sometimes gerbils will be able to get back to being healthy within a period once they have seen the veterinarian. For instance, your gerbil could have some type of infection, and this might suggest that antibiotic treatments will be enough to clear things up so that your gerbil can return to normal activity.


The best course of action is to obey the guidance of your vet very carefully. If your vet decides that your gerbil needs to take antibiotics, then you need to make sure that you give the medication to your gerbil for the entire week.

Don’t cut things short if your gerbil looks like it is starting to feel better after a couple of days.

The illness may eventually take the life of your gerbil if it is old enough. This depends on many factors such as what is wrong with the gerbil, but your veterinarian will be able to give you a realistic prognosis.

Many gerbils will simply stop eating when they have a sense that they are close to death. This isn’t uncommon, but it can be very tough for pet owners who just want their pets to be able to live happily.


Your Gerbil May Have Dental Issues

One likely reason why your gerbil isn’t eating is that it might have a considerable dental issue. There are circumstances where gerbils will wind up breaking their teeth while they’re playing or engaging in other activities.

You can take your time to check if your gerbil’s teeth are how they should be by parting its lips with your hand and checking its teeth, then you should be able to see a gap between the top and bottom teeth if all is well.

However, If this gap isn’t there, then something is definitely wrong. When gerbils break their teeth, the teeth may start growing up into their mouths.


This causes the teeth to dig into the gerbil’s mouth and leads to incredible pain. This pain can cause it to not want to eat, and this could be the reason for all the issues that you have been taking note of.

Thankfully, this is a problem that can be remedied by any skilled vet, and you don’t have to worry about this permanently deterring your gerbil from eating. The conventional solution is for your vet to cut your gerbil’s teeth so that it can feel better and start to eat normally again.


Remember, your vet always needs to be the one to handle problems like this since they are trained to take care of pets like gerbils. Do not try to attempt to solve the gerbil’s dental issue yourself since you might wind up doing more damage to your gerbil than anything else.


Now that you know two reasons, remember to purchase Gerbil healthcare when your pet is sick and ensure all Gerbil food treats and Gerbil toys are tidy was carefully s

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