A great thing about having pets is spending much time interacting with them. It will be no fun for you or your pet if all they do is sit in their cage all day waiting for their next meal. When it comes to guinea pigs, of course, you have not much to worry about as they are very friendly animals and are far happier when they have friends to share their lives with.

Because guinea pigs are so small, it's quite possible to play games with them. You cannot play the usual shouting, screaming, yelling games that you may be used to. When playing with your guinea pig and its GUINEA PIG TOYS, keep your voice soft and your movements calm so guinea pigs enjoy your company not be afraid of you

A guinea pig is a very fragile pet that needs more care than most people think. Many new guinea pig owners are culpable of some or all of the common mistakes. Before you bring your guinea pig home, make sure you carry out some research and use this article as a guide to make sure you are very prepared.

Even though some of these misconceptions can seem harmless, they actually can lead to a less happy life for your pig.

Some Things to Avoid as a New Guinea Pig Owner

  1. Do not Purchase Your Guinea Pig From a Pet Store

This is one mistake that occurs very often.  Your initial thought is that if you purchase a guinea pig, you are saving it so therefore it is a good thing you chose to buy a guinea pig at a pet store.

The "cages" these pets are usually aquariums that aren't large enough for even one pig but are used to often house three or more at a time. These procedures are no secret and have been a problem for years.

If you want to get a guinea pig, the best thing to do is to adopt one. A rescue home created for small pets like guinea pigs will know how to care for it than any pet store will guarantee. Guinea pigs that come from pet stores are not taken care of as well and are likely in a horrible state of health.


  1. Do Not House Your Guinea Pigs Without Cagemates

Many people think that owning just one pig is fine. This may be true if you have enough time to give your pet the attention it is lacking from a cagemate but you have a lot to do with your spare time.

Guinea pigs are very social animals. They are also prey animals, so no matter how many hours you spend hanging out with your guinea pig, it would be better if it rather hangs out with another guinea pig.



  1. Don't Buy a Cage That Is Too Small

If you have bought a cage from a pet store, it would probably be too small. You have to make sure the cage is big enough for your pet and its friends

The best way to guarantee that you are getting an appropriate cage for your pet is to buy from here.

This is easier and much more cost-effective.

When you find the proper cage for a guinea pig you may think that it is too big, but if you look at how your average-sized guinea pig compares to the size of an average cage, you can see it'd be like keeping a hamster in a shoebox.


  1. Do Not Neglect Rats Nutrition

This is very important. As with any other living thing, GUINEA PIG FOOD is not something to take lightly.  Ensure you provide Dry food like pellets, an unlimited supply of hay at all times, and a wide range of different fruits and vegetables every day.